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Techfrica is an African technology and mobile application/web development company based in Boston, MA of USA. They recently decided to give back to those who supported them when they first launched their for-profit business. This was done by creating and giving some key business entities a mobile app for the public to access their website and services easily through his/her mobile phone. A great deed indeed!

In July 2019, Techfrica will be turning 2 years old and saw this as a special opportunity to give mobile apps to 3 of their initial supporters for free. The 3 beneficiaries of these tokens of appreciation gifts were Africans in Boston, Suya Joint and Afrimericanone, which are all based in or near Boston, MA of USA.

Prior to all these valuable donations, the Techfrica brand has had a long history in the city of Boston and the state of Massachusetts as a whole. They originally started one of the first local African night clubs in 1998.

Then, an African Radio show called The African Radio Show back in 2005, which was on a local FM station called Choice 102.9FM. In 2006, they took a leap of faith and went online as one of the first African internet radio stations in the USA called African Radio Online.

Fast forward to 2015, they decided to take another leap of faith and launched their technology company called Techfrica and a mobile app company called Appsfrica.

Shortly afterwards, they started working on their first app to bring not only their radio but other radio stations and artist music to a larger audience. Thus, audiofrica was born, which is one of the select few music apps for both Continental Africa and African Diaspora to download and stream content.

For 2019, Techfrica has a few mobile apps to launch later this year, such as a ride sharing (Ridefrica/Drivefrica), video sharing (Vidsfrica), films/movies streaming (Filmfrica), text messaging (Supfrica), and so on in the USA and Africa respectively. They’ll continue to offer mobile apps and web designs as a service to clients as well as provide a shared collaborative workspace (Collabfrica) that meets the social and financial needs of the African Diaspora and other ethnicities soon.

It must be mentioned that Techfrica is doing business in Sierra Leone and has built a team on-the-ground to handle its daily operations, which has led to employment opportunities for local individuals.

As this year continues and 2020 is soon to come, Techfrica looks forward to a future of giving at least one app away to the community every year to follow. So long as they’re giving impact locally and globally, they’ll continue to receive support and more people will know about them and follow their brand. Cheers to the future success of Techfrica and all their supporters!

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