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27 year old Sia Mahawa Habiama Tommy became youngest female member of parliament


27 year old Sia Mahawa Habiama Tommy became youngest female member of parliament to represent her district Kono

We need more women and young people into leadership role in Sierra Leone, perhaps they can make a positive change. Congratulations to this young woman, 27 year old Sia Mahawa Habiama Tommy from Kono District. The youngest to represent her district as member of Parliament.

Her Thank You Message..

Dear Esteemed Supporters,

I write this message with profound gratitude and a deep sense of appreciation for the steadfast support and belief you have shown in me throughout this remarkable journey. Today, I stand before you as one of the Youngest Members of Parliament in West Africa, a testament to the collective effort and dedication of each and every one of you.

Words alone cannot express the depth of my gratitude for the trust you have placed in me, believing in my vision and aspirations for a better future. Your unfaltering support, tireless efforts, and unshakeable commitment to our cause have been the driving force behind our success. Together, we have overcome countless challenges, faced adversity head-on, and persevered to emerge victorious.

This incredible achievement would not have been possible without the countless hours of hard work put in by our dedicated team of volunteers, supporters, and well-wishers. Your passion, resilience, and belief in our shared vision have been the fuel that propelled us forward, inspiring others along the way.

I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to every individual who contributed their time, resources, and steadfast support to our campaign. From the enthusiastic volunteers who tirelessly campaigned on the ground, to the generous donors who believed in our cause, each and every one of you played an integral role in making this historic victory a reality.

To the people of Kono, I am humbled and honoured by the faith and trust you have placed in me. I am committed to serving you with utmost dedication, transparency, and integrity. Your concerns, hopes, and dreams will be at the forefront of every decision we make, as I strive to be your voice, your advocate, and your representative in the hallowed halls of Parliament. As we embark on this new chapter, let us remember that our work has only just begun. Together, let us continue to push boundaries and fight for the positive change our District deserves. With your support, I am confident that we will make a lasting impact, leaving a legacy of progress, inclusivity, and prosperity.

I look forward to the incredible journey that lies ahead, as we work together to build a brighter future for our beloved nation. To the Sierra Leone People’s Party, thank you for giving me an opportunity to serve.

With heartfelt thanks,
Sia Mahawa Habiama Tommy

Cassada Kitchen en Julie Tombo auntie live on Facebook


De game get yagba
Cassada Kitchen en Julie Tombo auntie live on Facebook
Video from Jemilla Kamara Facebook page

African Child’s Day donation from the Sierra Leone Producer’s Guild


Sierra Leone Producer’s Guild govern by executives like St Agnes, Desmond Finney, Sultan Keita and Emiley Manley with top Producers like Jnap Sesay, Rosaline Sesay (Real Boss), Alimatu Lemakhan Sesay, Aminash Kabba, Adeyemi Ladner (Iron master) and others Celebrated Africa Child Day with student from the UMC Primary School Kissy Road.

The Theme was ITS OKAY TO DREAM ART… In attendance were the President of Film Guild Daramy Kabba and President of Actor’s Guild Glamor. The filmmakers were able to use cultural dancers, poets and Motivational speakers as a form of art to communicate the message. The guild presented each student who took first position in the academy year a certificate and an envelope. They also provided Food and drinks for the entire school. The students were motivated and extremely excited by the filmmakers gesture. The head teacher thank them for their selfless act and passion to inspire the children through art.

Princess Josephina Sesay a.k.a Jnap Sesay, is a Sierra Leonean actress and film maker who have worked with many top actors/actresses such as popular celebrities like Majid Michel, Ramsey Nouah, Boss LA, TJ Cole, Van Vicker, Shadow Boxxer, AMB Phebean Swill and many more.

Sierra Leone born American based actress Rosaline Sesay started her acting career early in life, performing and starring in school plays. Acting has been her passion and she has been featured in many films including Paparazzi Eye In The Dark, Games of the Heart, Friend Request, Secret Past, and many more. She’s also the founder and CEO at Real Boss Production.

Alimatu Lemakhan Sesay, an actress, producer and a writer of Lema’s Diary. She recently became the Brand Ambassador for Orange Money. Born in Kenema, Sierra Leone went to Government Model Secondary School.

What happened between Collins Archie Pearce and Henrietta Mbawah


What happened between Mr Collins and Etta on set for the movie titled “Unpredictable Enemies”? According to Henrietta Mbawah (Etta), on a post she made on Facebook few days ago (though post have been deleted) claimed that Mr Collins, the producer of the movie owes her $2000 and she requested for her money to be paid.

After several outbursts on the media of this said drama Mr Collins and team has decided to respond to Etta post on Facebook and to clear his name. According to Ibrahim Prosper a blogger and friend to both parties published what happened on his website to clarify the other side of the story.

Read below

1) Etta was contracted to feature in Mr Collins Archie-Pearce’s film and signed both the Actor’s Contract and Non-Disclosure Agreement. She breached both the Actor’s contract and Non-Disclosure Agreement respectively. According to the Actor’s contract, if an actor fails to complete the scenes allocated to him/her, he/she will not be paid or compensated. I would like to bring to the notice of the public that Etta walked out on Mr Collins Archie-Pearce’s set leaving about 10 scenes undone, thereby failing to complete the scenes allocated to her. She has been intimidating other actors on set including the Production Manager to the extent that she demanded that the Production Manager be sacked before she would return to the set. Mr Collins Archie-Pearce had no choice but to ask the Producer Manager to set aside and got the Assistant Production Manager to take over the role. Also, because of Etta’s constant not going on set without any reason for not reporting on the days she should be on set, it happened that there was no shooting for 7 days and this consequently set the production backwards by a week.

One of the post Etta made on Facebook

2) Etta has never reported at the location on time. She would get to the location over 2 hours late and then takes over an hour to do her make-up, thereby holding the production for over 3 hours waiting on her. This also breached the Actor’s contract and also caused other actors to be impatient and extremely upset.

3) Etta lied about payment agreement with Mr Collins Archie-Pearce. She stated that the amount Mr Collins Archie-Pearce agreed to pay her was $2,000 dollars which is a big lie. The amount was $200 and on 3 different voice note /audio, she confirmed that the agreed amount was $200 and she even mentioned in two of the 3 audios that she isn’t doing it for the money but to support Mr Collins Archie-Pearce as he’s doing the film to promote Sierra Leone. There is no time in any of the audio that giving $200 for fuel was mentioned. This is not good for her reputation as this shows that she is a liar and not to be trusted.

4) Even tough she has breached the Actor’s contract, Mr Collins Archie-Pearce agreed to pay her 50% of the agreed amount ($100) when she requested for it, stating that she has done over 50% of her scenes and that she should be paid before she could continue to go on set.

5) Because she didn’t complete her allocated scenes, thereby breaching the Actor’s contract, and also made it difficult for the film to be completed, this caused a lot problems to get the film completed and as a last resort (after lots of actors and crew members have begged her to complete her scenes and she refused) and Mr Collins Archie-Pearce had to tweak the scripts so that the storyline would still make scenes without the scenes that Etta had failed to do. This in return costs Mr Collins Archie-Pearce time and lots of money.

It would be nice for you all to know that Etta, after signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement, secretly recorded scenes on set, went on social media and posted almost a dozen of video footages (with audio) of scenes of the film, thereby leaking out not only the storyline, but also the end part of the film which includes the twist to the storyline. This is a huge breach of the Non-Disclosure Agreement and also diluted the quality of the film which is meant to be put on Netflix. When Mr Collins Archie-Pearce asked her to take the video footages down from Facebook but she refused to do so and further challenged Mr Collins Archie-Pearce to do whatever he wants to do and that she’s waiting.

Instead her taking the video footages down as requested, and to wind Mr Collins Archie-Pearce up, she then demanded her remaining $100 balance of the agreed payment for her services, even though she didn’t complete her scenes thereby breaching the Actor’s Agreement and also breached the Non-Disclosure Agreement. Mr Collins Archie-Pearce, who is a man of principle, decided to act according to the actor’s contract by refusing to pay her the remaining 50% payment until she takes those footages down on Facebook. In return, Etta started insulting Mr Collins Archie-Pearce, calling him name and started insulting his mother.

There are over 6 audio recording of Etta raining abuses on Mr Collins Archie-Pearce’s mother. She refused to mention that on her post, but lied to the public that when she asked Mr Collins Archie-Pearce for her remaining balance, he started abusing her mother, which is the other way round. There are also lots of WhatsApp messages revealing some of the abuses she wrote referencing Mr Collins Archie-Pearce’s mother.

I have evidence to prove all that I’ve said and to debunk what Etta has posted on social media.
For your information, Mr Collins Archie-Pearce paid all the actors on his set (even the extra) that completed their scenes and even gave lots of actors and crew members bonuses after the completion of the film. There’s evidence that he gave his PA almost 7 million Leones (after paying her for her job as a PA), just to say “Thank You” for her role in making the project a success.
Lots of other crew members got over well a million Leones (on top of their payments) as a token of appreciation.

No one can put a good man down. Mr Collins Archie-Pearce is not only a great man, but a role model and a man with a good heart.

The truth shall set you free.

Petition to disqualify Julie Tombo and Lady Nata out of Housemates Salone


Dis game get yagba o

A journalist is making a petition against Julie Tombo and Lady Nata to be disqualified from the Housemates Salone Season3 competition. According to the journalist named Editayo George Temple, the reason for the petition is for misbehaviour and public nuisance that happened between the potential two contestants. The incident happened on Monday at Krootown Road in Freetown. There is a video going around on social media where Lady Nata is saying Julie asked her fans to pour water on her and insulted her and also she went to that area to “borbor” Julie. Based on comments online, some are saying Krootwon is Julie’s territory therefore if Lady Nata is not looking for a fight or any issues what is she doing in that area to campaign for her Housemates journey?

The journalist is now calling on Africell, AYV and the organisers of the show to disqualified both candidates from the show. This petition came just few days that could potentially harm their chances of entering the house or continue in the Housemates Salone competition.

For more update on this story follow I Rep Salone social media pages…

What do you guys think?

Interview with Akeem Bundu Kamara: BBC Apprentice contestant


I Rep Salone Media exclusive interview with Akeem Bundu Kamara, BBC Apprentice contestant from a Sierra Leonean background however born in the UK to Sierra Leonean parents. Akeem is the founder of Lockr Space a sportwear brand with comfortable clothing that are made from environmentally-friendly and sustainable materials.

1. What is your name or names? Akeem Bundu Kamara

2. Who are you? Tell us about yourself? I am the founder of Lockr Space – a platform to discover and buy sustainable sportswear brands across Europe. I founded the business in December 2020 and has since grown to 16 brands, 200+ products and featured on BBC1’s “The Apprentice”, The Independent and Evening Standard. Having bought a bad piece of sportswear, I embarked on a journey to showcase brands doing better in the space and launched Lockr Space. I was included in the first accelerator programme ran by Barclays Eagle Labs which has helped the continuous growth of the platform with more brands, customers and exciting partnerships including charities, community groups and sport clubs.

3. Where are you from? London

4. Tell us about your parents and where are they from? My mum (Cynthia Bundu-Kamara) and dad (Samuel Bundu-Kamara) are both from Freetown. My dad’s background is from Temne Tribe and my mum is from a Krio descent.

5. What are your challenges and what would you do differently to mitigate these challenges? I’ve been fortunate to have had an incredible upbringing and the only challenge I still have is a stammer that can make public speaking and pitching difficult.

6. Who is your inspiration/inspirations? My main role model is Barack Obama. I try to emulate all the qualities that made him successful as I believe we have a similar personality type.

7. What would you say is your proudest moment to date? My proudest moment to date was launching my business. Although the Apprentice was a fantastic achievement, it was only made possible by the success that Lockr Space has achieved in only over a year. It’s been a difficult road with many bumps but extremely fulfilling to see what I have managed to create.

8. Why do you apply for the apprentice show? I applied to the Apprentice for two main reasons: to showcase my personal brand and build Lockr Space. Unfortunately I did not secure Lord Sugar’s investment but the show has allowed me to complete the two things above.

9. Tell us about your apprentice journey: I applied for the show last summer as I wanted to scale up my business Lockr Space. After getting accepted, I knew I was in for a wild ride and it was as I had some incredible experiences with all the tasks and more challenging ones being in the boardroom. Being in the bottom 3 in the first episode was the most challenging moment I had as I came so close to leaving the process in the first episode. Ever since then, I knew I had to really prove what I was capable of doing and I started to grow in the process, winning tasks and proving my impact in the team.

10. What week were you evicted out of the show? Week 10 in a double firing after a task to create baby food.

11. What is your favourite part of the show? My favourite part of the show was winning my first task as the PM. It was surreal experience to know what I had accomplished and then to have the treat felt amazing.

12. What has it been like since you were evicted? It has been incredibly overwhelming to receive so many pleasant messages from friends, family and viewers of the show. Also, Lockr Space has seen great coverage and additional support.

13. What would you say for people that wants to apply for the show? Do it! It is a once in a lifetime experience that cannot be replicated. Stay true to yourself and be your authentic self. I am sure they receive many people who act too hard or pretend to be characters that they aren’t.

14. What is next for you and what do you plan to do next? I am focusing on building my presence in the sports industry as I continue to build Lockr Space. I am also planning on building the team and secure investment for the business too so that we can continue growing the number of brands, partnerships and marketing activity we are doing.

15. What is your future goal say in the next five years to come? My main goal is to build Lockr Space to a billion pound company that is the main hub for sportswear in the UK.

16. Any tips or final notes for the readers? None

17. How can people follow you online? Following me on Instagram @akeembk and also on LinkedIn to follow my journey.

Fuse ODG marries long time girlfriend Karen Tino Jonga


Multi award-winning British Ghanaian singer and rapper got married to his long time Zimbabwean girlfriend Karen Tino Jonga after dated for over 10 years. The rapper born Nana Richard Abiona better known as Fuse ODG is finally off the market from other women as he tied the knot with his long time partner now wife.

According to reports the singer got married to the Zimbabwean entrepreneur at a private ceremony on Sunday, April 11 were attendees was strictly by invitation of family and close associates of the couple at the Oasis Gardens in Accra.

Fuse ODG became famous with hit songs like Azonto, Tina, Million Pound Girl, Dangerous Love and Antenna were he features acts like Sean Paul and Wyclef..

Celebrities presents at the simple and colourful ceremony are Sarkodie, Nana Cheddar, Majid, etc…

Wish the couple good luck and congratulations to them, wishing them all the best and happy married life.

Phots of the wedding

50 year old Rashid Bangura had sexual penetration with a minor (13)


Rashid Bangura, 50years old alleged of sexual penetration of 13years old Marie Sesay, at the same environment, formerly call (Compound, Calabatown Market opposite main bowl, Freetown, Sierra Leone.)

In an interview with the victim (Marie Sesay), she disclosed to this medium that she was sexually penetrated 6 times by Rashid Bangura aka Doctor inside his room. “I have no options when he asked me for sex, he forcedly have sexual penetration with me. He use to called me when the environment is quiet, he advised me not to tell my parent’s regarding the matter. Marie Sesay said.

According to Alimamy Bangura, Uncle of Marie Sesay (Victim), says the situation is highly unfortunate because much was expected from Rachid Bangura base on his status in the society. “I was in Lungi, when I received the sad news that Rashid Bangura aka Doctor, has penetrated our kid. Few weeks ago, I met Marie Sesay at Rashid Bangura parlor, I was panic and dismayed.

On Friday 29/01/2022, our investigative team visited the Calabatown Police Station (CPS), the Line Manager of the Family Support Unit, (FSU), Mr. Sesay told us that the matter had been referred to the Ross Road Police Station. Unfortunately, according to Mr. James who is in charged of the case at the Family Support Unit (FSU), Ross Road Police Station confirmed that the file are with the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for Legal advise. Although, (Rashid Bangura the alleged person) has been granted bail. However, the family of Marie Sesay (the victim) are seeking for justice because the investigation process is very slow. And they’re calling on government and other humanitarian organisations to come to their aid in order to redress the situation because the matter is long over due.

Watch video

©Consortium of Investigative Journalist, Sierra Leone

First Sierra Leonean movie aiming to be aired on Netflix


One of Sierra Leone’s biggest international Film Producers Ambassador Collins Archie-Pearce, who is based in the UK, is yet to arrive in Sierra Leone to shoot a Sierra Leonean blockbuster film, titled “Unpredictable Enemies”, aiming to be aired on Netflix platform. If successful, a Sierra Leonean film would now be on the highest international platform in the world and would be viewed by millions of people across the globe who don’t know about Sierra Leone and it’s beautiful landmarks/culture.

Ambassador Collins Archie-Pearce emphasised that, it has always been his intention ever since he was awarded “Diaspora Movie Ambassador“ for Sierra Leonean films in the UK in 2015, to put his beloved country on the map, as the world doesn’t know us in terms of entertainment (especially film making) and also to let the world see the beauty of Mama Salone.

He decided to form a WhatsApp group in relation to the project, thereby including over 80 Sierra Leonean actors across the country in the group, aiming to give all of them a roles in the aforementioned film. He stated that this would not only give them jobs, but would also give them international recognition and an opportunity to showcase their individual talents outside the shores of Sierra Leone.

In order for the film to gain easy access to the Netflix platform, he was strongly advised to include at least one established “A” class Nollywood/Nigerian actor in the film amongst other criteria such as using Netflix recommended camera(s), good storyline and proper sound system.

He is pleased to inform Sierra Leoneans that he has contracted one of the biggest Nollywood actors to feature in the film by the name of Ken Erics, who should be arriving in Sierra Leone by the end of this month. Ambassador Collins Archie-Pearce should be arriving in Sierra Leone on the 22nd of this month and intends to start production immediately after.

Read more about Mr Collins

Getting to Zero Out of School Children in Sierra Leone says David Sengeh


Public education on Public Education: Getting to Zero Out of School Children in Sierra Leone

On the side lines of the Doha Forum, Sierra Leone has taken huge steps to universal primary school education.

Today, I signed an MoU on behalf of the Government that will ensure the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) provides support for 45,000 learners in Sierra Leone. This project will be implemented by the NGO Street Child on behalf of the government. The signing was done with Mr. Khalifa Al-Kuwari, the Director General of QFFD, as the Qatar Minister of Education and the CEO of Education Above All Foundation (EAA), watched.

Immediately after, we had a strategic meeting with the Director of EAA’s Educate a Child program, Dr Mary Pigozzi. We officially agreed to make Sierra Leone a Zero Out of School country partner. This means we are committing to developing a program supported by EAA, which will lead to universal access to primary school in Sierra Leone. The leadership of EAA will visit us in May to move the program along.

On my delegation also is Mr Mohamed Shaw- the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Basic and Senior Secondary Education. I believe it is imperative to collaborate across the government if we are to achieve our national development goals.

At Doha, I have also also gotten to connect with my dear friends and colleagues, including H.E Paula Ingabire, the Minister of ICT and Innovation from Rwanda. Paula is opening a center for 4IR in Kigali next week. I am proud of her work.

Yesterday, as Co-Chair of the UN Secretary General’s Transforming Education Summit Advisory Committee, we facilitated a discussion with 7 ministers of Education to develop a framework for national consultations and education financing.

Sierra Leone is doing this while laying the foundation and digging the well for quality education to flow. This week, we endorsed the Implementation Plan for Radical Inclusion with our partners. And this follows our Out of School Children strategy validated last week and our ongoing dissemination of the SSS curriculum.

Change is possible. Change is hard, but by God’s power, change is coming.

Copyright Moinina David Sengeh