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Interview with Afize Mohamed – Contestant at the Mr Africa International in Nigeria

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Interview with Afize Mohamed – Contestant at the Mr Africa International in Nigeria

Afize Mohamed a UK based fitness and fashion model is set to represent Sierra Leone in Nigeria at Mister Africa International. Afize was crowned 1st runner up Mister Sierra Leone UK 2017 in the very first Mister and Miss Sierra Leone UK pageant organised by MMSL in February 2017. Afize will be heading to Lagos on the 28th November 2017 to represent Sierra Leone in the Mister Africa International Pageant.

Name/Stage Name

My name is Afize Mohamed best known as Afize Stylish.

How would you describe yourself?

 I am energetic person who strives to better mine and my family’s life. I work hard on daily basis and it took real discipline to reach who I am now. I love sports almost as much as I love my family (giggles*). But seriously, I am a huge gym motivated enthusiast and I take my health very seriously.

 How long have you been doing modelling/fashion?

I’ve been in modelling since 2015 but I’ve done some acting in music videos before that.

Why modelling / fashion?

Modelling is fun and I have the chance to meet many different people.

What Projects have you worked on and which one is your favourite and why?

I have worked on few projects over the past 2 years including I care children foundation and the wristband appeal but my own favourite is United Africa.

United Africa is our own clothing brand promoting unity and peace internationally. We aiming to sell our hats, t-shirts and other fashion items worldwide as well as donating part of the profits to I care children foundation.  

Who do you inspire to be in the modelling and fashion industry? 


How did you get into the fashion and modelling industry? 

At the time, I was spotted by one of my team members where she recognised some potential (laughing*) and asked me to take few pictures. From there I was promoted on different modelling platforms like Starnow and models.com and here I am today.  

Where do you see yourself in the next 2-3 years in the fashion and modelling Industry?

I am aiming to become an international model wearing designers like Gucci and Calvin Klein at the same time promoting Sierra Leone in major fashion brands.

Your Challenges?

I find it challenging to be a black man in modelling industry as I must fight twice as hard to get casts. I would like to change the views of fashion designers and retailers and encourage to introduce more black men models. 

Your proudest moment to date?

My proudest moment is my son who was born in September this year.

If you were not doing modelling, fitness and fashion what would you wanted to do as a second option?

I don’t imagine myself not being in modelling industry, but if I had to choose something else I would put all of my focus in business I am building.

Do you have any future dates planned such as events that you might want the readers to know about? (Explain about the beauty competition in Nigeria)

I have few things lined up for this and next year which I can’t disclose yet (giggling*) but what I can tell you that I will be going to Nigeria in November to part take in Mister Africa International to represent Sierra Leone. Thanks to Ise Wurie who has given me the opportunity. You can find all the information about the trip on my Facebook, website, Instagram. Of course, don’t forget to visit go fund me page to make this happen.

Your advice and tips for individuals who want to follow your footstep/career path?

I would like to say to all, just be yourself and work hard. It’s not all about the professional pictures that promotes you, it’s really your personality. Of course, good team and support from your family too (giggle*).

How can they contact you through social media?

You can always message me on Facebook, my official page or I am on Instagram as Afize Stylish. You can also reach my team through my website in case of booking or general information.

Please vote for Afize Mohamed to win the crown at the Mr Africa International 


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