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How to cook Palm Oil Krain Krain with turkey chicken, barracuda fish and goat meat

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How to cook Palm Oil Krain Krain with turkey chicken, barracuda fish and goat meat

I Rep Sierra Leone brings you one of the favorite sauce cook among Sierra Leoneans. Without a doubt everyone has their way of cooking, different methods, different ingredients use and taste. However more or less the same ingredients and process is applied for example most people will put salt, jumbo magie, fish, onions, season salt (white magie) and palm oil. Whilst some do it basic due to health reason as our food are rich in calorie and high cholesterol.


Before moving forward these are the ingredients used in the process of cooking the Krain Krain: Pepper, onions, jumbo magie, season salt, all purpose season, barracuda fish, chicken turkey, goat meat, palm oil, krain krain leaf, ogiri (sesame seed) and of course water.

Process/cooking method

Note as mentioned above, everyone has their way of cooking, different methods and taste so this is my way of cooking the sauce.

    • Put water in the pot
    • Blend/grind/pound the pepper and onions together and pour it in the pot of water
    • Add palm oil and ogiri
    • Add your seasons and magie
    • Leave it to boil/cook for 20 to 30 minutes for taste and for the water to reduce a little in the pot because krain krain doesn’t required a lot of water
    • After some time and you feel the water is less add the krain krain leaf in the pot and add slices of onions ontop of the krain krain and cover the pot and reduce the fire
    • Allow it to steamer for 5 to 10 minutes and mix in order to make sure its not burining
    • Keep mixing with fire reduced, check for taste until you are able to achieve the end result

Before cooking or follow the above process make sure you have done the preparation such as picking, cleaning and cutting the krain krain, meat, pepper, onions, and the rest of the ingredients that you want to put in cooking. Once you are satisfy with everything, off the fire and serve with rice or fufu. See pictures below:

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