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Samia Suluhu Hassan, First Tanzania Female President


Tanzania’s Samia Suluhu Hassan Sworn In As First Female President

Samia Suluhu Hassan, 61, a soft-spoken Muslim woman from the island of Zanzibar, will finish Magufuli’s second five-year term, set to run until 2025.

Tanzania’s Samia Suluhu Hassan was on Friday sworn in as the country’s first female president after the sudden death of John Magufuli from an illness shrouded in mystery.

Hassan, 61, a soft-spoken Muslim woman from the island of Zanzibar, will finish Magufuli’s second five-year term, set to run until 2025.

Wearing a bright red headscarf, Hassan was sworn in as the country’s sixth president, at a ceremony in Dar es Salaam, where neither she nor the majority of attendees wore a mask, in the Covid-sceptic nation.

“I, Samia Suluhu Hassan, promise to be honest and obey and protect the constitution of Tanzania,” said the new president, as she took the oath of office before inspecting troops at a military parade and receiving a cannon salute.

She becomes the only other current serving female head of state in Africa alongside Ethiopia’s President Sahle-Work Zewde, whose role is mainly ceremonial.

Hassan was little known outside Tanzania until she appeared on state television on Wednesday night to announce that Magufuli had died aged 61 from a heart condition after a mysterious three -eek absence from public view.

But questions have been raised over the true cause of his death, after multiple rumours that Magufuli — one of the world’s most fervent Covid-sceptic leaders — had caught the virus and had sought treatment abroad.

Main opposition leader Tundu Lissu insists his sources said Magufuli had Covid-19 and had actually died a week ago.

And Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaper, which last week reported an “African leader”, in clear reference to Magufuli, was in a Nairobi hospital, on Friday gave more details of his illness, also indicating Magufuli had in fact died last week.

Citing sources, the paper said Magufuli was discharged from Nairobi Hospital on life support after it was determined he could not be resuscitated, and returned to Dar es Salaam where he died last Thursday.

The paper details his initial evacuation to Nairobi on March 8 in a medical plane, as he suffered “acute cardiac and respiratory illnesses.”

The main question hanging over the new president is whether she will usher in a change in leadership style from her predecessor, nicknamed the “Bulldozer”, notably in the handling of the pandemic.

‘A new chapter’

Magufuli leaves behind a complex legacy, after a swing to authoritarianism which saw him crack down on the media, activists and free speech, while refusing to take any measures against Covid-19.

He called for prayer instead of face masks, refused to publish case statistics or implement lockdown measures, and championed alternative medicines.

In May last year he revealed a papaya, quail and goat had tested positive for the virus in a secret operation, proving “sabotage” at the national laboratory.

However by February, as cases soared and the vice president of semi-autonomous Zanzibar was revealed to have died from Covid-19, Magufuli conceded the virus was still circulating.

The opposition and rights groups have urged Hassan to change course.

“As we continue mourning, let us use this period to open up a new chapter for rebuilding national unity and respect to freedom, justice, rule of law, democracy and people-centred development,” said Freeman Mbowe, the chairman of opposition group Chadema, in a statement Thursday.

He urged Hassan to “lead the nation toward reconciliation”.

Meanwhile Human Rights Watch said in a statement that the new government “has a chance for a fresh start by ending problematic past practices.”

‘Hold your breath’

However analysts say Hassan will face early pressure from powerful Magufuli allies within the party, who dominate intelligence and other critical aspects of government, and would try and steer her decisions and agenda.

“For those who were kind of expecting a breakaway from the Magufuli way of things I would say hold your breath at the moment,” said Thabit Jacob, a researcher at the Roskilde University in Denmark and expert on Tanzania.

Hailing from Zanzibar, the semi-autonomous island in the Indian Ocean, Hassan rose through the ranks over a 20-year political career from local government to the national assembly.

A ruling party stalwart, she was named Magufuli’s running mate in the 2015 presidential campaign. The pair were re-elected in October last year in a disputed poll marred by allegations of irregularities.

Hassan must consult the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) about appointing a new vice president. The party is set to hold a special meeting of its central committee on Saturday.

Tanzania is observing a 14-day mourning period and details on Magufuli’s funeral have yet to be announced.

Magufuli is the second East African leader to die under mysterious circumstances.

Free sanitary pad distribution hits Lungi, Lunsar, PortLoko and Masiaka


Free sanitary pad distribution hits Lungi, Lunsar, PortLoko and Masiaka

Her Excellency, Madam Fatima Maada Bio has on Wednesday 24th FEBRUARY 2021 continue with the distribution of the Free Sanitary Pad to school girls within Lungi, Lunsar, Port Loko, Masiaka environs, as part of a Nationwide distribution process that will target 60,000 beneficiary.

Speaking during the distribution exercise, the Resident Minister Haja Isata Abdulai Kamara in her statement, said that history has been made in her region, and that the government is a people cared centered government who takes nothing more precious, than the people they are serving.

She added that in the history of the country, it is the first time a First Lady is undertaking such a project.
“The First Lady is a champion for women’s empowerment and a respecter of human beings,” she said.

The resident minister stated that the girls will never forget her visit as the distribution is a felt need one.

The First Lady in her statement said, she is in school because H.E the President believes in the empowerment of the girl child, hence is committed to giving them the same opportunity as boys so that together they can develop Sierra Leone in the future.

The CEO of Maada and Fatima Bio foundation Mrs Samba in her addressing the pupils added that, she stand as a proud woman to see the historic event, as the foundation has been existing for the last two and half years, and they have been working towards developing girls through the Hands Of Our Girl’s campaign which is the flagship program of the First Lady, and have also gone nationwide doing advocacy and creating awareness on the need to empower and protect the Girl child.

Giving a welcome remark at the schools the Principals appreciate the First Lady for her commitment in protecting the Girl child and for always thinking about visiting their schools, as she has been doing that before her present present status.

He affirmed that the Free Sanitary Pad distribution is an indication that the First Lady is passionate about girls to stay in school, while assuring Madam Fatima that the girls at school shall do excellent in their exams and make good use of the Sanitary Pads and not sell them.

In her statement at the distribution event in all the schools in Lungi Ammaddiya muslim Secondary school, Port Loko Catholic Secondary School, A D Wurie Secondary School Lunsar, and Ammaddiya Secondary School Masiaka, Madam Fatima told the cheerful young girls that menstruation is not a crime and therefore, they should not be ashamed of it.
“Menstruation is not a choice, you need not to be ashamed because it is not a crime” Madam Fatima told the girls. She admonished them to focus on their education and say no to early marriage and teenage pregnancy.

She said the delivery of the Free Sanitary Pad is in fulfilment of a promise she and H.E President Julius Maada Bio made to provide hygiene sanitary pads to school girls as part of the ‘Hands off Our Girls’ Campaign to keep them in school during their menstrual circle, therefore, the idea of the First Lady to provide free sanitary pad for young girls has been welcoming across the country and describe by many, as a project that aims at liberating young girls from the systemic cultural shame and embarrassment.
The ‘ ’ campaign serves as a defense for young women against well placed men in society who use underage girls as a sex object for pleasure.

Madam Fatima said Sierra Leone can only change if we as Sierra Leoneans understand what patriotism truly means, adding that it is ok to believe in one’s political party but it is better to believe in one’s country and humanity.

She states that sex is inevitable but it is better to have sex at the right time and urge the girls that sex should not be their priority while in school.
The First Lady urges the girls to focus on their education as it is with education that they will be assured of a promising future.

She disclosed that she engages in Hands Of Our Girl’s campaign tour to get to know her girls from a close proximity and for them to get closer and feel free to see and interacact with her and be inspired by her story and what it means to be a resilient woman.

Other highlights of the distribution tour included performances by Markmuday and Rap Gee.

Celebrity Couple: Kim Kardashian files for divorce from Kanye West


Celebrity Couple: Kim Kardashian files for divorce from Kanye West

The couple have been married for almost seven years and have four children together. The news was broken by celebrity news website TMZ after months of rumours of marital difficulties.

Reports in US media suggest the reality star, 40, has requested joint legal and physical custody of their children. Neither has publicly commented. The couple are among the most recognisable stars in the world and are both hugely successful in their own right.

Kim first found fame in 2007 as the star of an E! Television reality series about her family. Keeping up with the Kardashians has remained hugely popular since, with its 21st and final series due to air next year.

The reality star has found success in many other areas of business, from mobile apps to make-up, and Forbes estimates her personal wealth to be about $780m (£556m). Known for huge international hits like Gold Digger, Kanye West has been one of the biggest names in rap music for over 15 years. The Grammy-winning musician has also found success as a fashion designer.

The pair were friends for years before they got together and West first appeared on her family’s reality show in 2010. Their first daughter, North, arrived in June 2013. West famously hired the San Francisco Giants’ baseball stadium and an orchestra to propose to her in front of her family, and their show’s cameras, later that year.

They got married in Italy in May 2014 and a photograph of them kissing on their wedding day became, at the time, Instagram’s most liked post ever. By this point she and her sisters had turned social media into an art form, with their online followings propelling their business success and fame ever further.

Kardashian gave birth to the couple’s first son, Saint West, the following year. They went on to have two other children, Chicago and Psalm, through a surrogate after the reality star suffered from health complications during her previous pregnancies. The couple have rarely been away from tabloid headlines since, most notably when Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris in 2016.

Last year, West unsuccessfully ran for US president. During his campaign, a series of erratic public appearances and online postings by the rapper sparked concern and led Kardashian to speak out. She said her husband had bipolar disorder, was a “brilliant but complicated person” and called for greater empathy surrounding his mental health from the public and the media.

Rumours of their divorce have been around for months amid speculation Kardashian had hired well-known lawyer Laura Wasser. Page Six reported the filing was imminent in January, claiming West spent the festive season away from the California-based family at his Wyoming ranch.

Adesua and Banky W welcome their son, baby Zaiah


Adesua and Banky W welcome their son, baby Zaiah couple of weeks ago

Actress Adesua Etomi-Wellington and artist Bankole Wellington, popularly known as Banky W, who got married November 2017 welcome their first child, baby Zaiah. The couple are over the moon as they announce their son to the world who was born couple of weeks ago on Instagram. The photos trending on social media when she was pregnant and Banky W posted the pictures on Instagram to wish his wife happy birthday.


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She was raised by her grandmother because her parents were studying abroad, when she was finally reunited with them…she held on tight!

She always wanted her father’s attention and this need for attention led to a “COINCIDENCE” that changed her life!

Her father was a lecturer at the University of Ibadan, a mathematical economist who was working on a paper and didn’t want any disturbance but the young girl needed her father’s attention…

So he picked a book off his shelf and gave his daughter to read the 1st chapter that he would ask questions later and she happily ran off to read it, happy she got her father’s attention…

The book turned out to be a book in “ECONOMICS”, it was boring and she didn’t enjoy it but she still read it and promised herself NEVER to read “ECONOMICS”


A few years later at the age of 18, she had already passed her entrance exams to Cambridge and Harvard with Cambridge being her main choice…

She wanted Cambridge because she wanted to study “GEOGRAPHY” and her godmother was lobbying for her to come to Cambridge but something happened, her mother had just gained admission to Boston to do her Ph.D. and as a young teenager, it was better to stay with her mum.

She had to go to “HARVARD” which is in Boston to stay close to her mum.

You can call this “- COINCIDENCE 2 -” as we’re trying to create a pattern.

On getting to Harvard, they didn’t offer her core subject “GEOGRAPHY” and the only subject close to it that could satisfy her curiosity was “ECONOMICS”

So she studied “ECONOMICS”, a subject she swore never to read in a school that was never her first choice…


Forbes called her the “Accidental Economist” but I don’t see it as “Accidental” or “Coincidence”, it was God pushing her towards her destiny of greatness…

Thanks to Economics
– Former MD World Bank
– First Female Finance Minister
– Euromoney Global Finance Minister





Many sovereign nation states including the US, UK, India, Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana among others celebrate Annual Armed Forces Day in order to recognize and honour personnel (both living and late) of their respective Armed Forces for the selfless services and sacrifices.

Sierra Leone selected February 18th as our Armed Forces Day because it was on that Day, February 18 in 2002 that Sierra Leone President Alhaji Ahmad Tejan Kabbah officially declared the End of the Sierra Leone Civil War of 1991 to 2002.

The RSLAF had fought bravely in the 1st and 2nd World Wars as part of the Royal West African Frontier Force in India, Burma and the Cameroon. We used to celebrate in recognition of those victories achieved on the 24th January as Myohaung every year, but we have now moved from that.

RSLAF also fought as part of the ECOMOG Force in Liberia in order to restore Law and Orders in that sister State. RSLAF also participated in Peacekeeping Operations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the 60s. RSLAF was also engaged in Peace Support Operations in East Timor, Syria and Lebanon.

Today RSLAF is engaged in Peace Support Operations in Sudan, Somalia, Mali, and the Central African Republic (CAR).We expect all Patriotic Sierra Leoneans and friends of Sierra Leone in and out of Sierra Leone to join us celebrate our Armed Forces Day. It is a declared public holiday to honour both the living and departed service personnel.

Please kindly come join the President Brigadier (RTD) Maada Bio, the Commander-in-Chief (who also fought in Liberia as part of ECOMOG in 90/91 and also defended Sierra Leone against the Corporal Foday Sankoh’s invasion of Sierra Leone ), the 1ST Lady, Mrs Fatima Jabbie Bio, Officers, Men and Women of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces to celebrate our Armed Forces Day.

Written by BS Conteh (SL 300)

What is happening with Musa Tombo?


What is happening with Musa Tombo?

Today is another sad day for me, and one that I will never forget.

It’s very easy to make judgements around situations you no nothing about…and today I want people to change perceptions around MUSA TOMBO….its breaks my heart as a dad that has kids of my own…have brought this boy from his humble beginnings to slowly developing into something that will benefit not just him and his family but Sierra Leone if and when God will cover him with his grace to grow…from been the young boy he is…going through the difficulties our environments bring.

Again I am kindly asking for us to support this innocent boy that has and still going through.. what life challenges bring to this young and vulnerable young boy. This is not a time to JUDGE….him but needs everyone’s support in whatever way….think of this boy been.. your ..son, friend, brother, that needs you now.

I have worked with a lot of young boys…when I made a conscious decision to return home and make my own meaningful contributions towards the development of these boys, and its PAINFULL.

Make God in Grace help and cover am…please keep him in your prayers.
I remain one of yours

John keister




The Sierra Leone Football Association General Secretary, Christopher Kamara and Head of Finance Ibrahim Ahmed Bah have today successfully completed a top management course in Football Administration at the Nelson Mandela University in South Africa and have been conferred with the equivalent of a Master Degree Certificate.

The Football Executive Program which was fully funded by FIFA in collaboration with the International Centre for Sports Studies in Switzerland and the Nelson Mandela University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa attracted over thirty participants, mainly General Secretaries and senior FIFA Forward staff of Member Associations across African.

The official closing ceremony of the one year six months course took place today through a webinar during which the Sierra Leonean duo made a masterpiece presentation on the construction project of the proposed Women’s Football Development Centre in Freetown.

Kamara and Bah and are now among the only three Sierra Leonean football administrators to hold such a qualification in global football administration, the third being the former SLFA General Secretary- Alimu Bah.

SLFA Media Department…

Salone U-17 Football Delegation Paid Courtesy Visit To Salone Ambassador In Senegal


Salone U-17 Football Delegation Paid Courtesy Visit To Salone Ambassador In Senegal

On Monday 8th February 2021, at exactly 12 midday the WAFU U-17 Sierra Leone delegation to Senegal paid a courtesy visit to the Salone Ambassador in Senegal, Dakar to update him about their stay in Senegal. The delegation comprised of NSA and SLFA Officials, players, Technical Staff and accompanying Sports Journalists.

On arrival at the office the delegation was received by the second Secretary Madam Aminata Kargbo. Meeting with the Ambassador H.E. Alhaji Brima Elvis Koroma he heartily welcomed the delegation and expressed special thanks to them for travelling almost two and half hour drive to the office in Dakar. I appreciate your coming my Brothers and Sisters, you are welcome to your office. He said my main problem now is the office is too small as you can see, but very soon we are going to relocate to another big building that will accommodate all our facilities and staffs.

Remember that this Embassy was closed during the civil war but with God we have re-opened it. As I speak to you we have so many developmental projects and programs for my Country, first to start with will be the French language program for our people, because they are finding it very difficult to communicate with the Senegalese people. For this i will have to engage the Ministry Of Education in Senegal to help us with French teachers that Will handle this issue as soon as possible.

I have put in place some Industrial Projects from Senegal that I will discuss with my President to be instituted in the regions, by doing this, you will migrate the people from City to the regions. He asured us that there are so many developmental projects in Senegal if implemented will create so many jobs for the Youths in my Country.

He asured the NSA officials that he has so many sporting projects from Senegal that he will give to them and I am always willing to work with you as a team. He appealed to both the NSA and SLFA Officials to put modalities in place as soon as possible to settle the impasse in football because without relative peace there will be no development, and Government funds will be wasted. He appealed to NSA and SLFA Officials to always inform him earlier when they have football Tournaments in Senegal so that he will make special provisions for food for the delegation coming. He advised them not to rely on the host Country’s food. I wish you well in pending Tournaments.

In his Statement, the Leader of delegation for SLFA Harold Nat Johnson thanked the Ambassador for the good reception and his positive support and contributions during the two matches our U-17 Sierra Stars played in the Tournament. He assured the Ambassador that they will work with him and take his advise seriously for the development of football. I will update our executive members when I return home.Thanks Ambassador for recognizing the good works of Joseph Toby during his playing days.I am in full support of all what you have said. God bless you Sir.

The Director of Competitions (NSA) Steven Kelfala in his Statement thanked the Ambassador for all he had said and the good reception. He told the Ambassador that the NSA is a new body form to develop Sports in the Country. He explained in details plans and projects that have been put in place to gather and develop the various Associations within the sports family. Some we have started, others we will start very soon. To confirmed to you Sir that our Government is serious towards the development of sports they have gave Le25Billion. Our main focus now is the SLFA elective Congress, that’s why we came late to the Tournament. Last Friday we were in Parliament with the Parliamentarians, SLFA members etc to settle some issues with the FA executive. He assured the Ambassador that NSA officials will work with him seriously because he has very good plans if implemented will change the face of Sport in the Country. We are sorry for the bad performance of our players at the Tournament, when we return home we will address the issue accordingly Sir. God bless you Sir.

Parliamentary Oversight Sports Committee representative Hon. Banya expressed special thanks to the Ambassador for the hospitality Sierra Leoneans are enjoying in Senegal despite the language barrier. He thanked the Ambassador for all he has done for us during our stay in Senegal. He appealed to him to go ahead with the French program including the other projects he stated, especially the Industrial Projects for the regions which is a welcome news for the Country. I will report all what you have said to my Colleagues. Thank you Sir.

In response, the Ambassador thanked them for all what they said and appealed to the NSA Officials not to compromise with salient issues in Sports.Take the right decisions or actions when necessary, you are the hope of the players or athletes in your country. I wish you well. God bless you. Good Bye.

From Alex Lansana Claye In Senegal.(Di Pa ihn Yai) Stayblessed.

New Deputy Head of Mission to Germany Takes Leave of Sierra Leone’s President Julius Maada Bio


New Deputy Head of Mission to Germany Takes Leave of Sierra Leone’s President Julius Maada Bio

State House, Freetown, Wednesday 10 February 2021

Deputy Head of Mission to the Federal Republic of Germany, Madam Fatmata Kargbo, has taken leave of His Excellency President Dr Julius Maada Bio at State House.

She said she is humbled by the appointment to serve the country abroad and thanked President Bio for the confidence reposed in her to serve again. She assured of a cordial working relationship with her boss, the head of mission, to ensure the best out of the mission.

President Bio congratulated the new deputy head of mission and encouraged her to effectively represent the country and the head of state, citing her experience as a basis for growth and success.