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Tutu Tejan Jalloh Founder and CEO of Tutus Balloons Event Decor and Catering

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Tutu Tejan Jalloh Founder and CEO of Tutus Balloons Event Decor and Catering

Business Owner and Company Name: Tutu Tejan Jalloh – TUTUS BALLOONS EVENT DECOR & CATERING

Your job title in the company: Founder and CEO

Where are you currently base? – UK

How long have you being doing your business to date? 7YEARS

Location of your business (online or shop address): BROMLEY, LONDON

How would you describe yourself/Business? We are a “One stop” for all events decorations and catering needs.

What are the challenges that you face as a business owner? Business is seasonal and mostly busy during the summer period. Winter season is quite slow and very little business coming in. Also being an independent contractor, diversifying the client base is vital to a growing business but can be difficult- especially when the client in question pays well and on time. For many small businesses, having a client willing pay on time for a service or product is a godsend.

Why did you decide to go into business? I am a foodie…Lol! I love and enjoy cooking, I am fascinated with colours/balloons etc and after planning my own successful wedding, I decided to put my party experience to good use and started my own business as an Event Decorator. I had opportunities thrown at me from clients in helping to coordinate their weddings, birthdays etc. Also Individuals often find they lack the expertise and time to plan events themselves so we step in to give these special events the attention they deserve.

Do you sell any products in the business – What are the items do you sell? From as little as balloons, linens, centrepieces, flowers etc etc….

If you were not doing your current business, what did you wanted to do as a second option? My initial career path was geared at Travel &Tourism

What is special about you or your business that is unique to customers? We prioritise our “Customers” and pay attention to details.

Where do you see yourself or your business in 5 years time? Tutus Balloons would be a brand household name.

Your advice and tips for individuals that want to follow your footstep/career path? Passion! Passion for the job is the only forward.

How can they contact you or social media links – Facebook- Tutu Tejan Jalloh or Tutus Balloons, Instagram, Yell.com, 07984628083

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