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Lyrics of We don enter by JQ

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Lyrics of We don enter by JQ

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LABEL – F1-17
YEAR – 2017

JQ the best man- throw a bachelor party
If am not sipping Hennessy-am onto Bacardi
Spot still reverse like a handicap parking
I was born dead – these Haters can’t kill me
Team full of stars like we living in Galaxy
Beside gravitation nothing else can pull me
Stone age flow- can’t figure me
See we multiply 10 times every time den pull out

Different school, different class, different major
They not Balling like we do – they not major
-Get off me face-with you bubble gum rap
With you pre-school….udat co-sign that?

Haters gon’ hate –Till I die but ain’t give a fkkk
Am Young & am fly – And am just really having fun
Take it as you want it – u kin buy the story all u want….
–We on top of the rap game -believe or not..

Give the rasta-man the lighter-light on the ganja
Tonight we go party until everybody Taya
Drinks nor really matter- take dem as u want am
We Balling all night until police mek skarta.
Tell me people Tata- tell ma Haters Bye-bye.
Catch me if you can-now am gone till November
We live through the actions-all they do is bla bla
All white Toxido- – let-me-pop my collar

Choose for be a hater-believe me u losing
You love me and Hate me – u look so confusing
Plenty rap labels -we Dae one dae chosen
F1-17 –Yes -we Balling
Criticize me – but den just can’t stop me
-Too many songs – but den non nor impress me
-These niggas are nothing but a joke
-Hate me for 10 days- with the same klose

My city gave birth to me- with no hesitation
Bless my city back-that’s my- expectation
No turning back-let my Haters still hate
Christ the Lord got crucified-anyway
We the best hands down-they next to we
Am below sea level can’t get to me
This’s food for thought-the wise ones still listening
Dumb nigga with no I.Q -hating me

-Am outta this world-can’t compare me to none
Can’t rebirth these OGs-their time been gone
-Rewrite history – the truth am on
But if a nigga wan beef-we can set it off….


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