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Interview with DJ Little – Community Ambassador for Sierra Leoneans in UK & Ireland

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Interview with DJ Little – Community Ambassador for Sierra Leoneans in UK & Ireland

Your Name: Abdul Wahab Seisay (DJ Little) also known as De Moses for Salone Music.

What is your job title? Community Ambassador for Sierra Leoneans in UK & Ireland (Associate Manager)

Where are you currently base? UK

How would you describe yourself? In 1995, I was presented with an opportunity to become a DJ apprentice by my uncle, DJ SOL, owner of SOL Sounds. At that time he was known as one of Sierra Leone’s most recognised and loved Dj. He had been a DJ for approximately two decades. After two years serving as an apprentice I started djing under the close supervision of my uncle. As my confidence grew, so did my role as a Dj, I then seized the opportunity to start taking on my own bookings in college. Along with some friends, I founded my own sound, “Da Click” and worked under the alias “De Bounce Kid”. Over the years, I earned a good reputation within my ranks; however this was widely outside of the Sierra Leonean community.

Role in the Sierra Leone Community: Having recently signed up to the Metropolitan Police Community Ambassador Programme, I am a leading figure in the Sierra Leone community not only as a DJ but also as a mentor to the youths.

Who inspires you? My Uncle

How can they contact you or social media links?

Abdul Wahab Seisay [DJ Little]
Community Ambassador for Sierra Leoneans in UK & Ireland
Associate Manager
Little Entertainment (DJs & Entertainment)
Mob: 00447903233737
fb: DjLittle Abdul Seisay
tw: @djl1ttle
instagram: DJL1TTLE
alt. e.mail:

More Information:

At the tail end of the 1990s, I became known as “DJ Small”, as my client base was mainly non Sierra Leoneans. Gradually I began to earn recognition in the Sierra Leonean community, mainly in house parties. During which time, word had spread to my uncle about my enhancing abilities and entertainment skills. Through these positive comments, my uncle finally entrusted me to DJ independently under his company. I was more daring and explorative in my DJ-ing which was not favoured by my uncle initially but as my popularity and clientele continued to increase rapidly, his concerns were soon abolished.

My current DJ name was coined after a suggestion was made by my uncle’s friend that the name the DJ Small was inappropriate hence he suggested a more suitable title as “Little” – the name “DJ Little” was formed as I took an immediate likeness for the name.

Over the years, I earned firm reputation amongst people, establishing myself as a loved and approachable household name. I often DJ at different party settings these are mostly private or formal occasions and various clubs around London. I also act as Master of Ceremony (MC) or host for official gatherings.

As a DJ, I have contributed to various mediums including television and radio. I have produced four different mix tapes over the last 4 years both of which were played on one of the UK’s leading radio stations: Capital Xtra radio 96.9 & 107.1 FM during DJ Abrantee Afrobeats’ show,

Despite all my achievements thus far, I believe this is only the beginning. I have bigger aspirations to further promote and establish not only Sierra Leonean music but to raise more awareness on the country as a whole; and magnify my charitable ties globally.

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