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How to cook petetehleaf with palm oil the Sierra Leone way

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How to cook petetehleaf with palm oil the Sierra Leone way

There are different ways of cooking petetehleaf, some cook it white and others add palm oil, however the method below is with palm oil.

Ingredients use: pepper, onions, jumbo magie, season salt, ogiri (sesame seed), butter beans, petetehleaf, palm oil, lamb meat, catfish, crabs, turkey chicken, aubergine (giblox) and water.

Cooking process

    • After you have cleaned the meat/crab, add water in the pot
    • Put the meat/crab, blend/grind/pound pepper and onions together and pour it into the pot and add some slices of onions in order to give it flavour
    • Add ogiri, butter beans, palm oil, seasons such as magie and salt
    • Leave it to boil/cook for 30 to 40 minutes
    • Add the cut/chopped petetehleaf in the pot and some slices of onions on top of it and cover the pot to steamer
    • Add the steamed aubergine – (you don’t have to put the aubergine but I noticed it gives it nice flavour, nice texture and volume)
    • Add the smoked turkey chicken and the fish
    • Mix and reduce fire and leave it to steamer/cook for about another 10 minutes
    • Keep mixing, check for taste and leave it to dry until you are able to achieve your results
    • When finish serve with rice

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