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I Rep Salone|Wedding Corner with Mr and Mrs Fanta (Fantacial) and Henery Momodu

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I Rep Salone|Wedding Corner with Mr and Mrs Fanta (Fantacial) and Henery Momodu

1) Name of the couple: Fanta and Henery Momodu

2) Where are you currently base – UK or other? UK

3) How did you meet? Met at a train station in Sheffield

4) How long have you been together? Around 3 years from July 2013

5) Tell us about your proposal – was it romantic – where was it? Yes, we went to Basketmouth show and that was where he proposed to me. I was watching the show when he brought out the ring and asked me to marry him, I was shocked and surprised. The proposal was around February time, Valentine’s special.

6) How long after the proposal before the actual wedding or traditional wedding? Shortly after the proposal we did our traditional wedding in April and our white wedding was in May 2016.

7) Where did you get married – UK or other? UK in Manchester

8) Tell us about the wedding: The wedding was something I have always wanted, it was a day I will never forget, I was shocked and surprise as there were other personal problems that was happening in the relationship. The relationship have been on and off so when he proposed to me I did not believe him and at the time I was not into him fully. The wedding was great, lots of fun and especially he had already done all the planning and preparation for the wedding so I had little to do.

9) Would you change anything about the wedding or the proposal? No as he had already done the planning including the wedding dress. I am very happy as I met the right person and my traditional wedding was a low key process.

10) Tell us about the planning of the wedding from makeup artist to hall decorations: It was a crazy day as people were surprised that I am getting married, also my husband did all the preparations. The process was a bit easy as my husband bought everything for me including the dress, shoe, hair and I did the organising of the bridesmaid which was not easy. Make up artist was busy as they thought the married was in the following week so my friend did my makeup therefore I was late for my wedding.

11) Were people supportive about your wedding, for example family and friends? Not family members though they were some support from my husband side and some of my friends also assist.

12) What do you love about him/her? He is caring, hardworking, takes care of his responsibilities as an African man and I would not swap him for another. As for me he knows I know how to cook, I am special to him and supportive.

13) One bad habit can you say about him/her? I find it so annoying and upsetting when he ignores me when I am talking to him especially when he is watching football, he hates being distracted. Because I am the chatter box he doesn’t take my sides when I have issues with other people because he doesn’t want to get involve. What he don’t like about me is that I talk too much and hence is why he ignores me in order to avoid arguments.

14) The dress – is it your ideal dream dress and where can people get it from? (You don’t need to disclosed the information) The dress was bought by him and was my dream dress – same dress as my mentor

15) What advice do you have for people entering into relationship/s especially those looking for long term partner? You need patience, focus on your partner, not everything you tell people, try to solve problems between you two and listen to your partner. Don’t be picky, focus, try to know the person that you dating and do a checks before taking it serious because marriage is a life time commitment.

16) Anything you want to add? Advice – cut down on friends, your partner should be your partner, listen to your husband, you need to calm down and learn to talk to your partner and find means to communicate with your partner.

Make up artist: My friend
Wedding organiser/Planner: My husband
Food/Catering: Church member
Hall Decoration: Myself and friends
Hair Dresser: My Friend
Cake Maker: Mother in law organised it
Photography/Camera: Church member

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