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Biography of Collins Archie-Pearce: A Sierra Leonean/Nollywood Actor

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Biography of Collins Archie-Pearce: A Sierra Leonean/Nollywood Actor

Mr Collins Archie-Pearce was born in Freetown Sierra Leone, West Africa. He left Sierra Leone in 1991 for the UK and furthered his education at Croydon college where he studied Business Management and graduated in March 2008. Mr Collins Archie-Pearce started his career as an actor in the late 70s, when he was at secondary school in Sierra Leone. He was later trained with the British Film Institute (BFI) where he developed his acting & directing skills.

He has lived in the UK since 1991, has proudly produced several popular/ international acclaimed Sierra Leone films including: ‘Ibu in Sierra Leone’, ‘Devil in Freetown’, ‘I Can’t get you off my mind’, ‘Flight 442’ ‘The British Expert’, ‘Banjul my love’, ‘Transform’, and Co-produced ‘The Menace’, ‘Broken Cross’, ‘The Soul’ etc. Most of these films were shot in and Sierra Leone and a couple of those films are being shown on major airlines across the world.

He was the first Sierra Leonean to take the most popular Nollywood Actor John Okafor (Mr Ibu) to Sierra Leone in 2013 to produce the most popular Sierra Leone internal acclaimed film titled “Ibu in Sierra Leone” and this film is currently showing in most major airlines across the world. The film (Ibu in Sierra Leone) was rated and scored by the Nollywood critics 10 out of 10. This was the first time in history a Nollywood/ African film has been rated 10 out of 10. This undoubtedly put Sierra Leone on the map and majority of entertainers in the western world were contacting Mr Collins Archie-Pearce for guidance on how to produce & direct proper films. The films is being watched all over the world on Iroko TV and on major airlines (in-flights).

In 2014, Mr Collins Archie-Pearce in his quest to improve Sierra Leone films/film industry, surprisingly invited four Sierra Leonean actors and film producers (from Sierra Leone) to the UK to attend an acting & film production training session organised by the “British Film Institute” (FBI) and to subsequently feature in one of his film productions, titled Flight 442.

In 2015, Mr Collins Archie-Pearce further invited other four Sierra Leonean Actors and film producer to the UK, to associate with other actors & film producers (in the UK), thereby given them an opportunity to enhance their film producing and acting skills. Mr Collins Archie-Pearce insisted that he will never stop doing what he is doing until Sierra Leone is worldly recognised and fully put on the map of entertainment.

He has attended over 50 Television interviews in the UK and other countries in relation to his Sierra Leone film production business and in all of those interviews, he has always speak highly of Sierra Leone and encourage the listeners to support Sierra Leone films/ entertainment sector.

Mr Collins Archie-Pearce is not only a Sierra Leonean film Producer and Director, but also a world class Actor and has featured in several Nollywood/ Sierra Leone films both in the UK and abroad. These films include: ‘Rubicon’, ‘Amina’, ‘Shameful Deceit’, ‘Battered’, ‘Ibu in Sierra Leone’, ‘London na wa’, ‘The Soul’, ‘Otega and his Enemies’, ‘The King Makers’, ‘Complicated’, ‘Home abroad’, ‘Blood type’, ‘Broken Cross’, ‘I can’t get you out of my mind’, ‘National Virus’, ‘The Devil in Freetown’, ‘The Menace’, ‘Love counts’, ‘Enchained’, ‘Oxford Gardens’ The British Expert, Santana City, The Village Girl, Passport sake, Gilo and Sheena, Banjul my love, ‘Make-up Artist’, ‘Stingy uncle’, JC Trouble’, ‘Transform’ etc.

He has also featured on national television in the UK for the past nine years, playing the role of a business tycoon in a TV drama/series titled ‘Everyday life’ (which was showing on four Sky Television channels in the UK).

He also works for London Underground Ltd (the biggest Transportation company in Europe), for the past 20 years, as a Senior Manager, thereby managing the managers at Elephant & Castle on the Bakerloo line.

Mr Collins Archie-Pearce is not only an actor and multi-award winning Movie Producer & Director, but also the founder and CEO of Archie-Pearce Production Ltd. Archie-Pearce Production Ltd is an accredited UK based private limited film Production Company instituted and registered in England and Wales (with registration No: 8672246). The company has achieved very high success with past movie projects and has gained recognition for ‘superior quality and excellence’ in movie production.

He has also built a great portfolio, thereby managing most of the top Nollywood actors including: Patience Ozorkwo, Desmond Elliott, Van Vicker, Mike Ezuroenye, Osita Iheme (Pawpaw), John Okafor (Mr Ibu), Kenneth Okonkwo, John Domelo, Alex Ekubo, Chinere Wilfred, Alex Ekubo, Okey Bakasi, Ali Nuhu, Lanre Balagun, Anthony Monjero, Victoria Inyama, Atto Erick, Ifunaya Igwe, Adaeze Ngozi, Chinwe Owoh, Bob Manuel, Charles Awurum, KSB, Joannes Maies, Daniel K Daniel, Prince David Osei and many more.

He also manages non-Nollywood Actors including: Kao Denero, LXG, Winstina Taylor, Sarna Kanu, Desmond Finney, Martha Sesay, Salamatu Kargbo, Christiana Kamara, Tyron Da Prince, Heaven Jay, Kella etc. He is in no doubt a super role model and has been leading an exemplary life for others to follow. In January 2014, he was selected as the “Role Model” of the week by AfripoetWord press.

Mr Collins Archie-Pierce’s achievements and recognition include:
1. Unsung Heroes Award 2013 by Calabash Magazine
2. Recognition Award for contribution to the African Film Industry in the UK 2013 by ZAFAA
3. Most impactful member 2011 by the Redeem Christian Church of God,Woolwich
4. Best Movie Premiere “Ibu in Sierra Leone” 2013 by Sierra Leone Excellence Awards;
5. Best Sierra Leone Film Producer 2014 by the Universal Achievement Awards; etc.
6. Outstanding Contribution to Cinema by United Artist
7. Best Supporting Actor 2014 by AWOL.
8. Best Film Producer (UK) 2015 by Malisha Da Queen Foundation
9. Outstanding Support in the Film Industry by Malisha Da Queen Foundation.
10. Best Community Supporter by Malisha Da Queen Foundation.
11. Best Supporting Actor 2015 by BEFFTA Award.
12. Crowned, Diaspora Movie Ambassador by Diaspora Focus organisation, Sierra Leone.
13. Performance and Excellence in Community work and Nation building, by the Disabled international Foundation SL/UK 2016.
14. Recognition award for my contribution to the African Film Industry 2016, by the Cameroon Films & Movie Academy
15.Best UK Nollywood Producer by Head To Head entertainments & award organisation.
16. The film he jointly produced “Devil in Freetown” has received about 7 awards in various categories.
17. Ambassador for Goodwill and Leadership by True African Heritage Organisation.
18. Best Foreign Producer award by Special Movie Award Organisation (Gambia).
19. Panache Global Entertainment for “Outstanding Achievement in Movie & Community Development”
20. Best Film and Video by African Entrepreneur Awards UK 2016.
21. Best International Acts by National Entertainment Awards.
22. Best film Director 2017 by SIIKETV awards USA
23. Support to the Community by BJO Amara Association.
24. Special Honorary award by BEFFTA
25. Africa Best Cross Over Producer by Magic Len Productions.
26. Lifetime achievement award by HAPAward in LA (Hollywood).
27. Achievement award by African Business Women.
28. His film “Ibu in Sierra Leone has also won 6 awards in different categories.

In conclusion, Multi-Award Winning Film Producer, Director, Promoter, Actor and Script Writer, Collins Archie-Pearce, travelled to Sierra Leone, Freetown on Thursday 10th December 2015 to shoot his recent blockbuster film titled “The British Expert”.

Hundreds of entertainers received him at the Lungi International Airport in Sierra Leone with dance troops and banners. They printed hundreds of T-shirts with his picture on the front and a welcome note at the back, and they also hired buses to rally the streets of Freetown with the Sierra Leonean icon and legend (Mr Collins Archie-Pearce) who has lifted the name of his country and put it on the world map in terms of film production and promotion.

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