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Neisha Butler, mother of 2 murdered by boyfriend after experienced domestic violence

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Below is a photo of Neisha Butler which was taken mere hours before her savage murder, this past Tuesday evening. It is gut-wrenching hearing the details of how she died. Never in my wildest imagination did I think Niesha Butler would be dead. The couple drew compassion from the hearts of many on social media after the death of their daughter Kameisha Butler, March of 2016 and Neisha Butler was murdered by the father of her children Stephen Butler.

By all accounts, Neisha like any other woman who was in abusive relationships sought a better life for herself and her two remaining children. After leaving her abusive husband Stephen Butler, her life began to flourish. Neisha transformed from a soft-spoken, unkempt, apprehensive person to resembling the woman of her rightful age. This new life was doing her well. It was only six months ago that she fled her extremely abusive relationship and Neisha never looked better. She found the courage to leave her captor in the one room shack they shared for years on the beach in Helshire until the evening of August 1, 2017.

Rumor has it that a niece of Stephen Butler encouraged Neisha to take the kids to visit their father. Neisha’s need for the financial assistance from the father of their children could have been what aided in her death. After being convinced to visit Stephen with the children, Neisha made her way to the old house and neighborhood she once lived. It was then that she was approached by Stephen Butler. Since Neisha was familiar with Stephen’s abusive nasty habits, she sought the safety of some men nearby who convinced her that she had nothing to fear since the meeting was in their presence. One onlooker recalls seeing Neisha pat-down Stephen’s entire person, checking if he was armed. After patting down Stephen for a few seconds, he then lovingly wrapped his arm around her shoulder and seconds later both disappeared into the bushes.

It was said that Stephen Butler tricked his way into her comfort, then placed her onto his bed and stabbed her multiple times. After mercilessly stabbing Neisha nine times, he called his family and shared with them the details of her murder. While Neisha lay dying she muttered helplessly begging him to stop. She told him, I am so cold. Please don’t let me die but he just kept stabbing. Once she fell onto her stomach, he stabbed her some more. Stephen even boasted to his family about shoving the knife into her neck and spun it until organs were exposed.

Neisha was murdered around 6 pm, according to sources, this was when Stephen made the call to his family boasting about murdering Neisha. However, I am told that Police wasn’t notified by the family until four hours later. Her butchered body wasn’t discovered until after 10 pm. The children who accompanied Neisha were said to be hiding in the bushes during this tragic ordeal. Stephen Butler is now on the run from authorities and he has threatened to go after his niece.

Sleep in peace Neisha 💛.
IF you know someone in an abusive relationship encourage them to seek assistance!
Woman Inc is listed as a crisis center in Kingston, Jamaica.
7 Denehurst Avenue, Kingston 10
(876) 929-9038
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