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Sierra Leone young achiever, Bashir Koroma | A graduate from Makeni

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Read Bashir Koroma story, despites his struggles and challenges he was able to graduate and in his own words made his family and friends proud. It was so inspiring to read which shows that anything is possible all is needed is determination and focus. Congratulations to the young man.


After my Dad’s death in 2017, that led to the dropout of my 2 elder siblings, our elder sister never attempted school, I was traumatized if going to school was achievable. As a young boy in high School, I witnessed a transition from Middle class to lack as all our properties were sold to save many in the family and mom’s health which we are still battling with.

After Secondary school, I knew I wanted to attend the best University in Sierra Leone, the vision was clear even when the money was not there, I took 3 years off. I worked as a Secondary School Teacher during the day (7am-2pm) and retired to the aid my brother to rent bicycles during the evening hours(4pm-7pm). My weekends were the busiest, I organized classes for JSS1- SS2 (Saturdays) on Sunday I do rent bicycles and also visit the tailoring shop to learn, but each time I go to the track to rent bicycles and tailoring shop to learn, I remind myself that I don’t belong here, I cried many times due to the scorching sun, tattered clothes which we consider designers dress at that time, getting underpaid as a community teacher of le100,000 and I told God to help me.

Fortunately in 2016 I joined Families Without Borders as a new Bee, got a scholarship to do one year of community service as a probationary stage and in 2017, I was fully admitted to study Mass Communication at the University of Makeni (UniMak).

My parents and siblings were so happy for me but life didn’t get easier, I started Lectures with few dresses , I did part-time jobs to cope like posting for individuals on my page as a form of advertising, steal part of my studies to teach and do assignments for colleagues even when we aren’t not in the same department. Each semester break, I didn’t go home but be in the search for places to do my internship as the organization requires, I was fortunate to do internship with the Makeni City Council, Africa Young Voices, and many more….I did this even in the 3rd year as an undergraduate and it was still tough. My colleagues in Mile 91 said I’m deceiving them that I was in the university, they told my customers who do rent bicycles from me that I lied, but I was so desperate to transit from the “old me” It was terrible, I was utterly broken when issues of such do came up. I cried to God to help me complete my undergraduate degree.

Today, I’m happy that i have finally graduated at the University, the first in our family lineage, I’ve made my family and friends super proud. I can gladly go to that School and tell my colleagues that I’m done with school.

I finished with a First Class- First Division with Honours in Mass Communication, I held the highest leadership position a student can have, as the Student Union President with a population of over 7,000 , I led over 15 university students to impact their communities which transformed the lives of many youth and trigger many to valued education because I know what it means to have nothing and want to pursue your dream, bagged 8 Awards in the University event organized by various departments and the SRC, Led a team to Win competitions and Prizes for the University , Provided Job Opportunities for colleagues students, Organized events that will aid colleagues, volunteered in over 10 organizations, passed 140 examinations and got featured twice in a newspaper both national and International, served as a Guest Speaker in many leadership event both national and international.

Take a look at my picture and see the smile on my face, it’s a smile of victory, I pray the gown on my graduation day unlocks future degree + and celebrations.

You see, God didn’t fail me, I know he won’t fail you too. This story is to inspire you to focus on your dreams and stay True to God.

God kept to His words.

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