Friday, August 12, 2022

Kao Denero sent thugs to beat up another rapper named Madson

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Kao Denero sent thugs to beat up another rapper named Madson

Three videos went viral on social media over the weekend where a rapper named Madson was beating ruthlessly by so called gang (thugs) sent by Kao Denero. According to the story, Kao Denero stated Madson insulted his mother and the president of Sierra Leone (Maada Bio) which caused the beating of Madson. In one of the videos Kao said he used to feed and look after Madson so why should he disrespect his mother. He was also filming Madson and asked his thugs not to stabbed (chuk) him but they should beat him.

There has been many videos, audios and talks by Sierra Leoneans condemning the act and behaviour by Kao Denero and his thugs and awaits action to be taken by the police and government in Sierra Lone. The most annoying part is, Kao Denero is boasting about the issue his social media page.  Follow I Rep Salone for more updates on the matter.

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