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EXCLUSIVE CELEBRITY INTERVIEW: DADDYSAJ AND MARIAMA’S WEDDING. Congratulations to Joseph Cole (Daddy Saj) and Mariama Bakarr-Kamara from I Rep Salone. Check out an exclusive interview from the most talked about wedding in the Sierra Leone Community. Daddy Saj and Mariama got married on the 26th and 29th April 2017, see why he married her and how they met.

1) Name of the couples: Mariama Bakarr-Kamara & Joseph Cole (Daddy Saj)

2) Where are you currently base – UK or other? I live in the USA New York City and my wife lives in South East London.


3) How did you meet? We met 15 years ago at the National Stadium, Freetown. It was a musical award event. We met on my way leaving the stadium. She was a great fan of Daddy Saj and we became friends for about 2 years and started dating but she left for London at 18 and we were apart for 12 years but always in contact as best friends.

4) How long have you been together? We have known each other for 15 years as lovers, music fan’ best friend and soul mate. Dated for only 2 years. from 16 to 18 years. Been apart for 12 years. Made a proposal to marry her last years 2016. Met last summer for 2 weeks and aging on the day of our wedding.

5) Tell us about your proposal – was it romantic – where was it? My proposal was done on the phone as we talk most of the time for the past 12 years since she left salone. We are both born again Christians and do not engage in intimacy before marriage and also we leave in different countries. She hesitated to accept because it was shocking for her after all this while but I insisted and informed her family so she know I meant my word. It was magical.

6) How long after the proposal before the actual wedding or traditional wedding? 1 year to be exact.

7) Where did you got married – UK or other? Sierra Leone.

8) Tell us about the wedding: Daddy Saj getting married to Mariama was a breakthrough. The wedding was a testimony as God’s manifestation was alive and nothing went wrong from the day of proposal to the day of wedding. I performed a beautiful song I composed for her called “NA TIDAY” and few artists, comedians, professional Mc’s, fan club members all contributed to grace the occasion.

We married twice: April 26, we married at a mosque for cultural reasons because my wife comes from fullah tradition. The traditional rites and party took place at Kona Lodge in Freetown. On April 29, we got married again at Saint Anthony’s Parish, Sykes Street Freetown and the reception and party took place at Bintumani hotel, pool area. The place was packed with people from all around the world such as aquaintances or close friends, family, pressman, and the colleagues from the entertainment industry. My wife was happy and I felt complete for the first time in life. Both families were supportive and they made us believe in love all over again.

Videos and photos were posted online by thousands of invites and the news was allover before we even posted our photos on our pages. Food and drinks were in abundance, Music Makers PA system was hired to play on both nights and many DJs came to support especially the president for the DJs union “CPO”. Most of everyone left the hall thanking and congratulating us for coming back home a hoping loyalty and respect to our people. The wedding was a night of victory and we did not only won but we have become a model for true love.

9) Would you change anything about the wedding or the proposal? The wedding and the proposal was God’s call and it all ended far more than we anticipated so there is nothing to change or to regret about.

10) Tell us about the planning of the wedding from makeup artist to hall decorations. Both wedding planners & decorator and make up artist were from the UK. They did an extraordinary job as their touch made the occasion glorious and my wife looked fabulously gorgeous.

11) Were people supportive about your wedding, for example family and friends: Everyone we know of in this life which includes family members and even haters or those who were in doubt ended up been partakers and they all made our wedding a time of rejoicing.

12) What do you love about him/her? One thing I love most about my wife is that she’s God fearing and loves without reward and lastly she’s the most beautiful woman on earth both inside and outside. She loves me most because I inspire and motivate other to believe in themselves and that I’m trustworthy and live a life of righteousness.

13) One bad habit can you say about him/her? She hates that I am a perfectionist and love to put outsiders first. I dislike that she allow people to take from her and been used by friends and relatives.

14) The dress – is it your ideal dream dress and where can people get it from? (You don’t need to disclosed this information) Everything we wore on the day of our wedding both traditional and white wedding were custom made. All the dresses worn by the bride and groom and bridesmaids and groomsmen were all custom made and designed in Nigeria by my bestman Morris Sesay a renounce actor who lives in the USA, Freetown and Nigeria. The white bridal dress was bought in the UK. My wife chose her design and was custom made by the designing company which I’ll tell u the name later.

15) What advice do you have for people entering into relationship/s especially those looking for long term partner? Marriage is destined by God. Put God first and he would show you your true love. Marriage is not conditional but a covenant with God and man. You cannot be dishonest and infidel and expect to have a prosperous matrimonial home. Marriage is a blessing so let God be God and it shall all come to past easily.

16) Anything you want to add? I love my wife dearly a cherish her so much and would always pray for guidance and patience in order to be ready for trial times and nd to surpass all distractions to come. I love my country and would do all in my power bestowed in my by God to make salone a better country for it citizens. “Corruption E do So”… My last album is in the making… God bless mama salone.

Information about the following: (Name and contact details)

Make up artist: @beautybysulaina from Uk
Wedding organiser/Planner: Queendasaj, Farrella D Ryan-Coker, Malador Kamara
Food/Catering: Victoria Chambers Chef.
Hall Decoration: Not available
Hair Dresser: Emmanuel Hairstylist
Cake Maker: Victoria Chambers, Bliss Cake Factory
Photography/Camera: OJ Kenny Photography UK. TBoy PhotographyUK.

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  1. Marriage is a blessing. I thank everyone that wish us well and that God almighty would reward them positively. I’m grateful for this privilege by Irepsalone admin and that they would continue to make gains as they continue to uplift salone entertainment industry.


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