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Zainab Sheriff has not given birth yet: see her baby shower pictures

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Zainab Sheriff has not given birth yet: see her baby shower pictures

Zainab Sheriff has not given birth yet, she wrote a post few days ago on her Facebook page stating people are commenting that she has put to bed. Below is the post making it clear that she has four more weeks to go.

“LOL people calm down, ar nor born yet oo, i have about a month to go. People been going through my profile sharing and congratulating me in every baby pictures they can find… duya una nor rush we, una bear we small.. How una dae tire pa me tire so, na me tot oo 😂😂😂😂… Anyways I’m happy y’all ar anxious like that. By the way tomorrow is my baby shower, pictures coming soon… xoxoxoxx 💙”

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