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Salone Lives Matter Ceo Henrietta Mbawah Independence Message to Sierra Leoneans

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Salone Lives Matter Ceo Henrietta Mbawah Independence Message to Sierra Leoneans

My brothers and Sisters

Everybody seems to be celebrating Sierra Leone’s 58 Independence Day. To me it’s not a celebration of independence but a celebration of the lives of our forefathers who fought very hard to give us the chance of being an Independent Nation… Sierra Leone is still a country short of Independence.

Independence will only be realised when we don’t have kids roaming the streets on school days or going to bed hungry. Independence will only be realised when we have families who are self sufficient and self reliant so that they can successfully raise their kids without excessive financial hardships as is the case currently. Again, Independence will only be realised when our country starts producing the basic commodities that a country and it people needs to function effectively. Independence will only be realised when Sierra Leone can take a seat amongst its peers and speak independently in the interest of the country and its people without being influenced or coerced by another nation or external factors.

Sierra Leone cannot celebrate Independence Day without recognising the social, political and economic evolution of women and especially young girls in Sierra Leone which is in shambles, not mentioning the alarming rate of dis-empowerment that has engulfed our nation.

Sierra Leone is not celebrating independence day, but an idea of independence.

I invite all Sierra Leoneans to continue to work towards a peaceful, just and honest Sierra Leone.

May the resilient spirit of our forefathers be reborn in us all so that we can come together to work as a team and significantly create the much-needed change that will make our Country a better place for our future generations

#Salone lives matter

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