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Petition made against Magdalene Coker for posting nude picture of Hawanatu Kamara to the President

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Petition made against Magdalene Coker for posting nude picture of Hawanatu Kamara to the President

Sorry we cannot post the picture of the act on our website however such act shouldn’t be happening in our community let alone amongst women and hence the need for the petition is a right move to stop further act. If you have any issue with anybody personally both male or female, (find alternatives to deal with it in a more civilised manner) therefore is no reason for anyone to publish one’s nude photo or explicit videos on social media which seems to be happening a lot of recent especially on Watapps and Facebook. We should stop such act and love one another and work towards making our country name proud.

Read the Petition Statement made below by Agnes Pratt (Queen of Social Media)


Against the Sexual Exploitation Of a Sierra Leonean Woman Through The Misuse of Social Media Forums, by Magdalene Coker .

For The Attention Of His Excellencey Ernest Bai Koroma . We write to bring to your attention a disturbing and unimaginable act of betrayal to the women of Sierra Leone.

On the 27th June 2016 A lady by the name of Magdalen Coker made the ever so distasteful decision to post naked pictures of Hawa August Kamara on Facebook without her consent.

She claims her decision to upload such embarrassing and dehumanizing images was because she was “provoked” This act was vulgar to say the least but an absolute disrespect to our Muslim community as this happened in the holy month of Ramadan. The incident has forced the hand of those in the Diaspora to take immediate action.

Some have made public statements, some videos whilst others have personally contacted Magdalene asking her to issue a public statement apologizing to those whom she offended.

She refuses to apologies or show any acceptance or remorse that her actions were wrong disrespectful and will not be tolerated in our country on the grounds that 1 – The Victim Hawa did not give her consent for her images to be used 2 – It showed a lack of respect towards Sierra Leones religious and cultural practices –

The images dehumanized the women from Sierra Leone all over the world – And it showed an overall lack of respect for our beloved Salone.

The situation was shameful and embarrassing for everyone. It begs the question Is this the level our women have come to?

Are these the role models we now have for the future of Sierra Leone?

The posting of naked pictures on social media must be stopped immediately not only for the victims and there families but for our nation as a whole.

This cannot be tolerated and will not be tolerated. we call onto His Excellency Ernest Bai Koroma to take action on all perpetrators NOW, to prevent any more victims or anything like this ever happening Again. We ask that you punish sternly including imprisonment (where necessary) to those who commit crimes against another woman in such a nature.

For so long we have fought for the rights of women in Sierra Leone this is a fight we must fight together.

Please join us in signing this Petition in support of action against the sexual exploitation of Sierra Leone women worldwide through the missuses of Social media Forums.

Thanking you all in advance

Agnes Pratt Journalist
Nasai Forna Model & Nasai FashionTv Presenter
Ise Wurie Stevens Showbiz Promoter
All Residing in the United Kingdom .

Date: 29-06-2016

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