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Friday, July 19, 2024

Free Education song leaves Kao Denero seriously embittered

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Free Education song leaves Kao Denero seriously embittered

By Ibrahim Sorious Samura

What appears to be a clarion call for musicians to promote the Free Education initiative by the New Direction got Kao Denero frustrated and betrayed. The rapper takes his frustrations to Facebook in the past days. In his recent Facebook posts, he pointed out to many anomalies that hurt his nerves, including the release of two songs for the same purpose – he was featured in the second release, but not in the first one. Kao saw this as a deliberate ploy to thwart his efforts in the Free Education project song. The post reads, “Why release two versions of one dam song? Looks like my presence is always a threat to some of this Salone artist.

Who ever mixed my vocals off the beat deserves something else” – posted on the 19th August 2018. But Kao couldn’t say why his vocals were mixed ‘off the beat.’

The song (Go School) featured Emerson, K Man, Famous, Boss LA, Kao, Star Zee, Nigga Don and Drizilik. They were contacted by the Sierra Leone Government to promote the project with a reported fee of $ 150,000 paid to them. The Free Education project for pre-primary, primary and secondary pupils was later launched by President Bio at the Miatta Conference Center on the 20th August 2018.

To add to his rage and dissatisfaction, Kao did a worrying follow up post later on the 19th August which reads, “Tribalism is a reality,” with no further explanations, thereby leaving rooms for speculations. He might have probably felt discriminated against in this project.

The Black Leo CEO, who is currently staying in the United States to complete his ‘Last King’ album, commended the Sierra Leone government for launching the project, but in another post that day, he was able to tell which of his vocals or bars were omitted or mixed.
“With education woman nor go bluff pan you. E nor go take hin property make life tuff pan you lol.
Hmmmmmmm this are the lines they edited off my verse on the new education song. Somebody must have been very uneasy with those bars.
Oh Salone man” – Kao.

Many music fans believe that Kao Denero directed those disses or bars to one the artistes in the song, who has recently separated with his wife. Others believe it was untimely for him to diss in a project song. Whatever!

It can be recalled that Kao supported the ruling SLPP party in the runoff elections this year, but it appears that others are getting the bigger share. He considers himself as someone who helped brought the party to power and thus posted on the 21st August follows:

“Look lek say
This na monkey woke
Babu eat oh lol.”

It is his insinuation that he should be the one leading any music project put forth by the current administration, a party he openly endorsed during the elections as opposed to others. Kao believes that someone is taking away those privileges and as such warranted his earlier post – “Tribalism is a reality.”

Meanwhile, several other songs on the Free Education have been recorded by various artists, a combination song done by Vicky the Poet, Leonus De Genius & Chubby Asa, another by the KME All Stars, and more.

However, film makers have complained for not being included in the campaign. They expressed their dissatisfaction on social media, as they too are key players in entertainment.

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