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Monday, July 22, 2024

A must read story to all Sierra Leonean men abroad

Must Read

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“Fellow Sierra Leonean men abroad. I’m a 64 year man and lived in the UK for 35 years with my family. Throughout my life with my family I can’t say I lived happily. I had a wonderful wife by my side but I took her for granted – I didn’t pay much attention to her as I always had a vision of going back to the life I left off in Sierra Leone. I had affairs which she got to know and it made her feel very sad but I never apologised – I only told her to get over it as I’m not the first man to be unfaithful. She would be depressed for weeks and eventually recover. She said very little but never failed to say how unhappy she was.

I never went on family holidays with them in all these years. But occasionally I’ll visit Sierra Leone alone and sleep with either an ex girlfriend or a short-term girlfriend to fulfil my fantasy, on my return my wife wasn’t attractive to me for weeks. Our sex life wasn’t great as I’m always thinking of other women, I felt I would have a better life if I lived in SIerra Leone.

I planned on returning and settling in Sierra Leone alone on my retirement with the idea of leaving them and setting up a business. When I retired I told them, they protested but I went against my wife’s word and daughter stopped talking to me but I thought I’ve got my life to lead so I went.

My plan worked I took all my retirement money with me and selfishly left my wife and daughter, hoping that she can cope as she’s still working. I promised them I’ll be visiting the UK often. It was exciting at first and yes I had a beautiful girlfriend who flattered me. Within a year in Sierra Leone all the money was finished while the business wasn’t fully set up, I was confronted with too many set backs. Then to top it I was hit with a brain tumour and prostate cancer so I had to come to the UK again for treatment. My wife and daughter did well to take care of me but I didn’t feel the love or passion from them. I was very depressed because I needed them. I realised that my wife and daughter have moved on and having a good life. My wife had reinvented herself ( lost weight and dressed smarter) and I’m suspecting she’s seeing someone because she too happy. Within a year in UK my health was better but I had to return to Sierra Leone to complete my so-called business.

I’m in Sierra Leone now but very sad without my wife by me. She’s moved on emotionally after years of neglect. I’m impotent now after my cancer and not willing to embarrass myself with having any woman so I’m very lonely.

If I was loyal to my wife and made her happy in our marriage my story will be different. Please young men out there, read my story to avoid this stupid mistakes I made. My life is in an utter state of confusion and I can’t even discuss anything with my wife. I’m depressed and lonely. Make future plans with your wives, stay faithful so you can love her fully and make her feel special because you’ve only one chance and one life. Do things so your wife will bless you. Let’s be careful of our plans of setting up businesses back Sierra Leone in our old age. It’s often a fantasy and it doesn’t work. All the money goes down the drain. I’ve spoken to so many men stuck In Sierra Leone with the same mistake. I had a good life in UK but failed to see. I’m not saying we shouldn’t come back because that’s where we’re from but we men should not do this alone. Just enjoy your life – it’s too short.

My cancer is spread and I have months to live. I’ve been advised not to bother going back to UK because nothing can be done. My wife and daughter are coming to see me before my end.”


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