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Zainab Sheriff – Mamie na power official music video 2017 (Sierra Leone Music)

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Zainab Sheriff – Mamie na power official music video 2017 (Sierra Leone Music)

The long awaited video of Zainab Sheriff, mamie na power is finally out.

Comment below, what you think of the video…

(Lyrics Mamie Na power)

U yay 🎼
di Mami Na pawa x2
Di mami Na pawaaaa (Sugar entertainment)
U yay 🎼 enheng
di Mami Na pawa x2 (Tunex)
Di mami Na pawaaaa (Zainab Sheriff )
U yay 🎼 eheng
Di Mami Na pawa x2 (Na me Na di soway)
Eheng Di Mami Na pawaaaa (Zainab Sheriff)
U yay 🎼
di Mami Na pawa x2 (Na me Na Di soway)
Uyay 🎼 enheng
Di mami Na pawaaaaaa

Di way me love you Ayyy❤
A love you Lek aw monkey love banana❤🍌🍌
Di way me love you❤️
A love you Lek aw me body Lek laydom Na Panama 🌴🌴
Baby love me Ayyy!!
E Lek e nor day you go gee me banana🍌🍌🙆🏼
Wan grain Bobor oooo💪💪
You make a sidorm Na oss 👣👣
A nor cook but something nice for you
Day Na oss 💁🏽💁🏽
And I’m looking very nice👙👙
bo you back kam Na oss🏡
Look danday ba way wan jug me man 👦🏾
Na him coco go roast 💣🔥🔥
All the way from kissi 💃🏻💃🏻
I’m shutting down the city….💃🏻💃🏻
Yay yay x2
No no no no nooooo!! 🎼🎼🎼
I’m killing the beat infact a nor get no pity🎤🎤
Hey hey x 2
No no no no nooooo!!! 🎼🎼

Me nor exaggerating X2
Wan grain Bobor sidorm listen 👂
When I am meditating
Na only but you I’m meditating 🙏
Bobor you tetty
Wan grain Bobor you tetty 😎
Well I am waiting Una way day jug man I am waiting 🔫
I’m elevating Una way day moko bo Na Wetin?😏
Zainab Sheriff!! Na me Na the Mamie Na the power 💪
Na me Na di soway ✂🍴
Na me Na di mr Memuna 👮
Na me Na di batteh from ya Tay go letteh
Na me day entertain you ayyyy!!! 🎤🎶🎵


Di loving I am feeling is so strong oo boy aiii!!💓💏
u put me body on fire fire fire fire 🔥
If ever you go away for so long oo boy aiiii!!
me ar go wait ar nor tire🙇📲
Di loving u giving me is driving me crazy 🙌💆👯
Elek how u go tae baby make lek u know say
Zainab Sheriff na me na di mami na pawa 💪
Na me na di beteh from ya tay go letteh
na me dae entertain u aayyyy!🎤🎶🎵

Zeeee!! ✔
Sugar!!! 💯👌🏽
Boss Emmerson!!! ✔

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