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Friday, July 19, 2024

Who should have Sierra Leone Passport Idris Elba or Nasser Ayoub?

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Who should have Sierra Leone Passport, Idris Elba or Nasser Ayoub?

When it comes to trending topic, arguments and social media drama MOST Sierra Leoneans are headmasters and headmistresses in that department. Each week, sometimes a day or two a topic for discussion will emerge, this week it was Idris Elba arrival in Sierra Leone and later extends to Nasser Ayoub. The conversation started where Sierra Leoneans are celebrating and welcomed the visit of Mr Elba in the country since he was born in the UK for the first time.

The drama started and escalated when he was given a diplomatic passport this week by president Bio. Most of the arguments and drama were why was he given a passport since he was not born in Sierra Leone even though one of his parent is from Sierra Leone meanwhile Nasser Ayoub has not been given a Sierra Leone passport or have Sierra Leone citizenship even though he was born in the country.

Different write-ups, comments by people and arguments are like world war 10, we will mention some of this posts below, some are funny and some are interesting to read.

Who should be given a Sierra Leone passport?

Idris Elba who was born in the UK, a British Citizen, he’s an actor, a musician and international star or Nasser Ayoub who was born in Sierra Leone, an artist and a business man.

Video of where Idris Elba was given a diplomatic passport by the president of Sierra Leone, Maada Bio

Video of Nasser Ayoub Facebook live explaining why he doesn’t want a Sierra Leone Citizenship

Posts of selected Sierra Leoneans on Facebook

Melqosh Mission


What do you see in this picture? And I am not talking about the diplomatic passport conferred to Idris Elba but the colour of his tie on such a memorable day…. #PURPLE.

There’s just something about purple…. it might have been an unconscious choice but it was a royal one.

We don’t want to negatively spew on Idris Elba’s big day, he deserves his citizenship as a son of a Sierra Leonean; we met Idris 6 yrs ago and he’s a likeable and decent chap.

Nonetheless, President Maada Bio talked about changing the narrative of Sierra Leone and the world’s perception of our nation – war, Ebola and mudslide…. we all want that.

He mentioned no more Blood Diamond ( see AYV clip on my comment section below) …. I nearly fell off my seat figuratively speaking ….at last our President has mentioned “Blood Diamond”.

On the topic of Blood Diamond, we can only change this narrative to a softer one when we take care of our Blood Diamond Victims begging on the streets of Sierra Leone.

Idris Elba, enti you don go tong, you go see wit you 2 yiye how we contri dae.

With all due respect as per God’s statutes to respect and pray for our Leaders; President Julius Maada Bio, now that you are mentioning Blood Diamond, I think it’s time you also address its victims. Take a leaf off Rwanda, it changed the narratives by taking care of its war / genocide victims.

The day we put the Blood Diamond issue to rest is the day we provide Blood Diamond Victims with the right reparations to live a life of dignity as per the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Recommendations.

No patriotic Sierra Leonean enjoys washing his/ her dirty linen in public, we are all ashamed of what’s happened and still happening in Sierra Leone in the last 28 years. The day the Government of Sierra Leone takes sustainable steps to care for Blood Diamond Victims would be the happiest day and a big relief for the victims and for all at Melqosh Mission International.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a political post, neither is it designed/ written to disrespect our President. However, whilst we are talking about changing the narrative of the war, let’s start talking about changing the narrative of its war victims…. now that this discussion is on the table.

Fantacee Kamara

Fantacee Wiz Kamara you love Sierra Leone, always talking about how you love Sierra Leone, showcasing Sierra Leone anywhere you go but why haven’t you said anything about Nasser F Ayoub being denied a Sierra Leonean Passport and Idriss Elba was given a Sierra Leonean Passport not only a passport but a diplomat one. (These are the messages I’ve been receiving)

First off I think our constitution is so racist to a point I can’t even see straight just looking at it, a lot things on it needs to be amended and that NEGRO/ NEGROID part is one of many.

I’ve got a lot of siblings who owns British & American books but they were born and raised in Kabala to be precise.

Idriss Elba deserves a Sierra Leonean passport because his father is a Sierra Leonean and dude has been claiming Sierra Leone since 19gbeft and yes the Ambassadorship well deserved too (dude is coming to do a lot for Salone that means a new light in terms of tourism and it’s good for business).

Secondly Nasser Ayoub wasn’t only born in Sierra Leone but his dad was born here too, the things he has been doing for Sierra Leone is something you cannot take away from him. Eventhou him and I agree to disagree sometimes but he loves Sierra Leone and his work for Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans is a force to reckon with.

Some people born and raised in Sierra Leone with a Sierra Leone green book, what what you done for Sierra Leone exactly? Audio philanthropists what have you done for Sierra Leone? Please don’t get me started on the diasporas who are blabbing about he doesn’t deserve it( but sitting there with your US, UK etc books) and will even sell your soul to get a resident permit if I hear pimp!!!

Black, yellow, brown, green if you’re born in Sierra Leone you deserve a Sierra Leonean passport, if you can’t fix our constitution please I’ve got all the time in the world and I’ll even call some of my colleagues who are willing to.


Zainab Sheriff

When I become the first female president of Sierra Leone I will give Nassar Ayoub a Passport regardless of his skin colour, social status or financial strength.

In my heart I feel I’m a Muslim by religion,
A Sierra Leonean by nationality,
I was born this way and do not need a document to feel that.

If Mr Elba is a Sierra Leonean, He did not just become a Sierra Leonean two days ago, he has been a Sierra Leonean all his life, (if he is a Sierra Leonean.

If Nassar is a Sierra Leonean, he has been a Sierra Leonean all his life and the day he receives his passport will just be the day he gets a Sierra Leonean passport and not the day he becomes a Sierra Leonean.

I assure you that there are lots of people holding a Sierra Leonean passport in and out of Sierra Leone but they are not Sierra Leoneans.

I assure you there many Sierra Leoneans who wish to rather have a British or American passport instead of a Sierra Leone passport, and that does not make them any less of Sierra Leoneans.


NASSAR AYOUB don’t mind them my brother, Continue to love our country 💋⚘

MaHawa Konneh

You all have been messaging me concerning Nasser F Ayoub citizenship status and what my two cent in this matter.

First of all,I would like to address some of you writing hate speech towards this man, mainly because of his political affiliation.Stop that nonsense, social media don’t forget.

We all know he is a strong member of the APC Party.
And so what? he needs to belong and owes no one an apology about that.Most of you find small opportunity to disrespect people by saying it my opinion.That opinion of yours sucks and hateful.

Despite we have so many difference, he deserve better and should be respected.Don’t cross his space because you want to be awoke or join every conversations.

Now am blaming the APC for not amending the negro part in the constitution when they were reviewing the constitution but all they cared about was about election that 50. 1 % you won.

Sierra Leone Constitution is a racist, take that from.
We all see how it almost eliminate Hon. Kandeh Yumkella from running but he was very smart.If not,he was going to kiss goodbye to his Presidency ticket.

Now to nasser Ayoub Citizenship status, you all claiming he is not a Sierra Leonean,yes by constitution he is not because one of his parent is not a negro.But to me,he is by birth.

Just think about the sacrifice he has made for this country through music and his philanthropic work which some of you that are holder of that passport has not done.

This guy love Sierra Leone and deserve this passport.

How long will you want him to feel left out.The stigmatization is too much,he has been advocating for this law to be changed for over decade now.But all you do is Seat in Parliament and sleep.Sad generation.

Also to Idriss Elba,a Diplomatic passport is a passport Awarded to Someone who is representing the country and as we all know President Bio just name him as a brand Ambassador for Sierra Leone.

So that passport was well deserve by him.And his father is Sierra Leonean that automatically made him one even not born in Sierra Leone.

Well let continue with our lives but the country hard oh,President Bio need to put more work. This Christmas nor sweet at all.


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  1. Both Idris and Naserr deserve a Sierra Leone Citizen passport. Naserr’s father was born in Sierra Leone, and he was born in Sierra Leone too. He does not need to bribe anyone for his birth right. He does not as God to be born in Sierra Leone. His grand father could be a foreigner but his father is not. So why does anyone wants to deny him his right. On the other hand is also qualified due to his father’s status. As Sierra leoneans we need to be honest with each other. Naserr won’t be able to claim Lebanese citizenship because his dad wasn’t. Sierra Leone govt has to stop some stupid idiologies. Same thing goes for this two sim stuff that has denied us success in Sierra Leone horrible people invavaded Sierra Leone before stole and killed innocent people in the end stole large sums of money and took it to neighbouring countries, wasted it and now came back without any simpathy continuing to reap Sierra Leone and this time with their partners.Deprieving Sierra Leone citizens to go and build their father land, and leave Sierra Leone dirty. and northing to be proud of. Very sad and pathetic. There was a a time when Ghana has got northing, on to tooth paste. They use to come and do their shopping in Sierra Leone. But look how far Ghana is today. Sierra Leone politicians needs to sit down and think. The world does not revolve around anyone. But God’s time is the best. People are so hungry for riches and even forgot that Sierra Leone does belong to all Sierra Leoneans.


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