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Viral video of Nigeria wife bashing side chick on Facebook

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A video circulating around on social media especially Facebook where a Nigeria house wife and a mother bashing her husband side chick. Wife stated she has been with husband for over 13 years, during this period he has never spend more than £1500 on her yet he has spent over £10 000 pounds on his side chick and opened a restaurant for the mother in Nigeria.

The wife is very upset about the situation and has made 3 part videos abusing the side chick and telling her to leave her husband alone. The wife also claimed that the side chick affair with her husband is not clean as it looks like the side chick must have done black magic to the husband for him to spend recklessly on her including one time in June where he made over 5 online banking transferred to the side chick in Nigeria.

Now who’s fault is it….?

  • Do you think what the husband did is right or wrong for having extra material affair or……
  • The side chick is wrong for dating a married man as some will say it’s not her fault because if the wife is doing everything right the husband will not cheat
  • Or what is the wife doing wrong in her household or was it wrong or right by making videos and post them on social media about her husband affair.

Which side are you, we will like to hear from you…

See video below

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