Thursday, August 18, 2022

Sierra Leone musician Blazer Blaze Joeblaze got married to an older white woman

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Sierra Leone musician Blazer Blaze Joeblaze got married to an older white woman, as some will say “what visa has put together let no embassy puts asunder”, Some will say love, money or for passport – which one? According to posts and comments made by his friends and some people close to him on Facebook stated that he married the woman for love. However, comments from the public doesn’t come as a surprise where most of them commented that he only married her for visa purpose.

Since young African boys are now marrying older white women both in their home countries and overseas, the only reason for that is for greener pastures as you can clearly see there is no physical attractions between the couples. At times we see photos online and its so obvious that they only with these women just for their own gain. The photos of Blazer and wife have been spreading like wildfire amongst Sierra Leoneans, top blogs and websites not to mentioned the rest of social media its crazy.

Well what we think on The Lit Magazine is unanswered but what do you think?

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