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The Director General of the National Minerals Agency, Julius Mattai, on the 27th March 2019 encouraged investors in Ghana to take advantage of the major opportunities for investment in the mining sector in Sierra Leone, where the Government is undertaking major reforms to make life easy for investors.

Making a presentation on ‘What investors can take advantage of in the Minerals Sector in Sierra Leone’, at the Sierra Leone Investment Seminar, held at the La Palm Beach Hotel in Accra, Julius Mattai informed a cross section of Government officials and investors that Sierra Leone is richly endowed with an abundance of minerals, including diamonds, gold, iron-ore, bauxite, rutile, coltan, etc.

The above, coupled with the efforts of government to create an enabling investment climate, he went on, makes the country an attractive destination for mining investment. The Director General pointed out to the audience that the above list of minerals is by no means exhaustive, and he informed them that the country is conducting an airborne geophysical survey, which will be followed by fieldwork, to determine the true mineral potentials of the country.

Julius Mattai further explained that “Sierra Leone wants to attract reputable investors with transparent processes and procedures that will contribute more to the country in the long-term, and has taken steps to provide a conducive environment which will be easy to do business”. He highlighted legislative review, consistencies in the application of legislative provisions; security of tenure; streamlined and competitive tax regimes; and transparency, as among the major reforms that government is pursuing to attract investment.
He ended by informing his audience that Sierra Leone is open for business and extended an open invitation to all investors, assuring them of an investment climate that guarantees a win-win situation, whereby investors get good returns, and the country and her people also benefit.

The Sierra Leone Investment Seminar is organized by the Sierra Leone High Commission in Ghana. The event creates an excellent opportunity for private investors in Ghana to engage and identify potential investment opportunities in Sierra Leone, while creating a unique platform for both parties to exchange ideas that will be of mutual benefit to both Countries.

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