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Monday, July 22, 2024

Kracktwist and Samza are no longer part of the entertainment record label KME

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Kracktwist and Samza are no longer part of the entertainment record label KME

#Kracktwist & #Samza opens a Business & Entertainment company after their 3years contract with KME expires, dated (17/02/2017 to 17/02/2020). For the past 3years, Kabaka Multimedia and Entertainment(KME) has served as a building block to the successful growth of KrackTwist & Samza.

KME, a record label owned by AbuBakarr Turay commonly known as Kabaka is undoubtedly the best record label in Sierra Leone giving Music lovers consistent hit after hit. The three years contract [Feb 2017-Feb 2020] signed by KrackTwist and Samza has finally come to an end and thus; it’s sad but KrackTwist and Samza are set to take their leave From KME. The two business rappers expressed their sincere appreciation for the continuous support and contribution KME management placed towards their successful growth in the entertainment industry, both nationally and internationally.

As they unanimously agreed, leaving KME has definitely created an emotional gap as their colleague musicians; Rozay, MIC, I Tribe, Future K and Lox P will be dearly missed by them. They further said; CEO Kabaka who doubles as a Prominent Lawyer and CEO of KME, has been their source of inspiration and that father and son relationship will forever remain constant.

To the KME management team: Manager Dudu, Sheezy  and the rest of KME worldwide family, the rappers extend their appreciation for all the support given through the years.
At this Juncture, the Krio consultants will love for the public to know that they have established their own Company know as ”KrackTwist and Samza investment (KSI) which is a registered Business and Entertainment company govern by the Sierra Leone company’s act. This company comprises 15 hardworking and dedicated Staff with a structured business and entertainment orientation.

The company extend it wings not only to Entertainment but entrepreneurship as well. The Krio consultants intend to embark on business and entertainment venture both nationally and internationally. Kracktwist and Samza will forever be grateful to CEO Kabaka and the entire KME management for their tremendous support during the past years. In as much as they are taking their leave from KME, they wish for the public to know that they are always ready to work with KME and other business and entertainment companies in the future.

“To the KME fans, Promoters, bloggers and presenters ; we ‘re sorry for any inconvenience caused… they pleaded.

“To the Kracktwist & Samza fans; let’s keep pushing… as usual, we will continuously bring you hit after hit…We remain forever humble”…they added.

Their thank you message to Kabaka, taken from their official Facebook page

#Wasaseee #Hmmmba

Read Full Bio of Kracktwist and Samza

Question and answer session with Kracktwist done live on KME Fans WorldWide forum. (Whatsapp Group Fans of Kracktwist and Samza, interviewed few months ago)

Subject: Interact with your artist episode two

Q1) How many yrs u dn do music for? by Mamza
Ans: 7years

Q2) Watin na u worse moment as an entertainer? by Mamza
Ans: My first day in a vocal room.
Watin kme mean to?

Q3) woos kind impact kme dn create na u life?
Ans: KME is a blessing to Sierra Leone.

And a blessing to us all.

I was aspiring to be one of the best artist in Africa and I’m getting their.

Q4) Krack twist wetn inspire you for go into music by Shezy?
Ans:Aspiration changes as time passes on
I was wanting to be an accountant.

But with such talent I can’t afford to wast it in a banking hall

Q5) Watin na u best moment as an entertainer by Mamza?
Ans:The day I was sign to the label

Q6) Where do u get your lyrics from by Shezy?
Ans: Me brain

Q7) U dae do anything besides music by Mamza?
Ans:Im an accountant.
A lyrical one 😀Q8) Watin na d relationship u n oda artist dem by Mamza?
Ans: Positive and friendly

Q9) @⁨KRACKTWIST⁩ watin na de worst moment u don gt with de label KME by Mamoud?
Ans:It was when we perform a song title pa alaki in a very formal audience

Q10) Krack our entertainment industry is sinking and what are ur plans/vision in ensuring that there is a revamp by Daddy Ish???
Ans:Fayn Poyo nor need sign board.

We need to make use of our local content.

Krio. Krio. Krio. Krio.

Good lyrics

Be poetic.

Clarity of information.

And I believe the audience respond will be positive

Q11) @⁨KRACKTWIST⁩ watin na de worst circumstance wae u don gt insai the entertainment industry by Mamoud?
Ans:Being a famous artist without a car.

That was before KME
Wae people dae blast u inside podapoda.
Nar d same life normore
😂😂Q12) Krack if oda label komot for u… U go lef kme by Mamza?
Ans:E lek Nar Sony kam. Make Dem go be4oe

Q13) @⁨KRACKTWIST⁩ plz tel me u real name and the family background by Mahmoud
Ans:I’m Ishmael Kamara.
I came from the western part of Freetown. Lumley to be specific.

Q14) Kracktwist Wetin Na u main goal na this music industry by Christina
Ans:To be your favorite Mc and to be the best friend of Benjamin franklyn

Q15) Kriac who is ur mentor and role model both in academia and the entertainment world by Daddy Ish???
Ans: The Kabaka

Q16) What do u like about your CEO by Daddy Ish??
Ans: He is a God fearing person.
And love to take risk.

And the higher the risk the higher the returns

Q17) @⁨KRACKTWIST⁩ hw u n Samaza hook up n tay nw una maintain the ONENESS,UNITY by Mahmoud
Ans: In Lungi
And God is responsible for the unity

Q18) Kracktwist who is your inspiration by Christina
Ans: Cassidy

Q19) Kracktwist are you married or single? Kids? if so, how many by Kella kanu?
Ans: I’m not married but I’m taken with a daughter

Q20) Kracktwist: what keeps you going?
Ans: life, money and music

Q21) What’s your opinion on the current status of our entertainment by mistajam2016?
Ans: It’s positive
I’m impressed with the new trend

Q22) Kracktwist do you used to being a celebrity by Christina
Ans: I have being a super star since I was born

So being a celebrity is part of my tradition

Q23) Kracktwist, how do you consider your collaboration with Samza in the music industry, is it part of the breakthrough in your music career by Beatricesam2015?
Ans: Yeah. We are the lyrical aki and powpow.
Being together helps a lot.
And God love togetherness

Q24) Kracktwist have u achieved ur goals in the music industry? If not what are ur goals by CHAIR
Ans: I have partially achieved them.

We’re about to take Krio international.
And we’re getting their

Q25) Where do you see yourself in 24months by mistajam2016
Ans: 24 month is too much.

Before the end of the year.

Or just wait for BET awards 2018

Q26) Kracktwist how do you intend to improve the music industry in Sierra Leone by Kella kanu?
Ans: Good music.
Always stay positive

Another label
Another contract on the table
More lucrative than KME’s
What will u do? Will u switch labels by Ozone layer?
Ans:E lek Nar konvict.
Are dae ya bra

Q27) Kracktwist what do u like to do at ur spare time by Christina
Ans: Thinking

Q28) Kracktwist what are your favorite colours by Christina
Ans: Black and red

Q29) Kracktwist: what ur favorite sport by mistajam2016?
Ans: Basketball

Q30) @⁨KRACKTWIST⁩ who is ur mentor in the Entertainment World by Mahmoud?
Ans: Cassidy and Samza

Q31) Kracktwist, do you consider yourself a singer or a musician by Yinka Elle?
Ans: Musician

Q32) Kracktwist what is the plural of thop ? 👂😜 by ABK
Ans: Thops

Q33) Who is your all time sport personality by mistajam2016?
Ans: Lebron James

Q34) Krack: wot was ur dream, as a teenage boi by Budu
Ans: Being a pilot

Q35) Krack : how suddenly, dat changed by Budu????
Ans: When I discover my undisputed Rap skills

Q36) Kracktwist do u get nervous before a performance or competition by Christina
Ans: Nop

Can you guys do a Radio edited version of Thop by mistajam2016
Ans: sure.we are on it

Q38) Kracktwist how do u handle a mistake during a performance by Christina
Ans: KME trained us to be very professional. And making mistakes is not common here.

What’s your message for them?

Why nearly all members leaving the record label? 

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