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I Rep Salone is an online magazine aim to showcase current issues in the community through entertainment, music and more both in Sierra Leone & Abroad. Email:


It  will feature 20 strangers male and female from all works of life  in an isolated Island in Sierra Leone, where they must provide food, water and shelter for themselves, and will compete in challenges to earn rewards such as food stuffs and Luxery items  to make their stay a little comfortable while on the island.

They will also compete for immunity which will prevent them from eviction. Contestants will be progressively evicted from the game as they are voted-off by the public. The voting will continue until we get the “Ultimate winner” and awarded the grand price of Le 200 million. (the tribe members of the loosing tribe will visit the tribal council after every immunity challenge to discuss and vote who they think is d weakest tribe member. The two members with the highest vote will be up for public eviction).

 20 players will split into two tribes, upon arrival in the island where they will live or survive with meager supplies for a period of 60 days.

Frequent physical and mental challenges are used to set each team against the other for rewards and immunity,  the loosing tribe will attend Tribal Council (BARRAY), where they must vote off one of their players, the two players with the highest votes will be up for public eviction.

Once about half of the players are remaining, those who remain are merged into a single tribe, and competitions are on an individual basis; where winning individual  immunity prevents a player from being voted out. Individual rewards are also up for grab after merge, the winner is eligible to choose one or two players to benefit from the reward.

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