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Monday, July 22, 2024

Interview with Lady Felicia|Sierra Leone Female Artist|Mother

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Interview with Lady Felicia|Sierra Leone Female Artist|Mother

Name/Stage Name: Lady Felicia (Felicia Grant Turay)

Where are you currently base – UK or other? US

How would you describe yourself? 😀 I guess it’s hard for me to describe myself I’ll rather prefer someone who really knows me to say. However, I would say I am an easy going person, I’m very adaptable, I care about people, I am a people’s person😊, I am a very dedicated and ambitious. So to say

How long have you been doing music/entertainment? 2004 to date

Why music/entertainment? Music brings special joy and fulfilment to my heart. It helps me express myself in obvious ways without feeling shy.

Do you have any role in the Sierra Leone community? Absolutely! I have contributed immensely towards community development using music as a tool to touch lives in diverse ways besides my patriotic and development oriented songs. I have a foundation which deals with issues affecting women and children who are vulnerable in our communities which is of great importance to me .

Your Challenges: I certainly have a number of challenges, however trying to find a perfect balance between taking care of my 3 kids, maintaining my career, going back to school and being a good wife to my husband 😊.

Your proudest moment to date: Quite a bit actually, but one I would say is performing at the United Nations general assembly which is considered the world’s stage.

Who inspires you? My inspiration comes from strong women across Africa . Women who have brought about change within our communities. If I start naming them the list will go on and on😀.

If you were not doing music/or not in the entertainment industry what did you wanted to do as a second option? I would have been a lawyer and I would be doing the same thing I am doing now. Using my talent and being the voice of the voiceless and protecting women and children’s right.

Do you have any future dates planned such as events that you might want the readers to know about? Currently, I have a performance in Canada scheduled for August 6th 2016. I have also just concluded my new album which will be out on the market soon.

Your advice and tips for individuals that want to follow your footstep/career path? Stay strong, trust God, bring out the best in you,  bring out songs that are detailed oriented and of high morals, be dedicated and enthusiastic.😊

How can they contact you or social media links? I’m in the process of creating an more social media accounts but for now I can be reached on Facebook: Lady Felicia Grant. and Lady Felicia

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