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By: G.Bangs

In the last 24 hours, APC operatives have become totally disoriented as news jets in for the arrival of the elected vice president, Samuel Sam Sumana. It could be recalled that, President Koroma, in a distorted move and misguided directions from his APC Secretariat, sacked the elected vice President of the republic of Sierra Leone. His action was heavily criticised by democratic nations around the globe. He added salt to the injury by squeezing former voucher gate convict, Victor Foh in the throat of Sierra Leoneans as vice president. It’s a drama which no one expected.

Few days later, Sam Sumana slammed a lawsuit against the government of Sierra Leone for unconstitutional blunder. Knowing the matter was not in his favour, president Koroma quickly replaced Chief Justice Umu Tejan Jalloh with a constitution killer judge. The Kangaroo court hearing ruled in favour of President Koroma.

The disatified elected vice President took further actions to ECOWAS court. Now, Sam wants APC Koroma government to pay $250 Million dollars in distress, abuse, and rights deprivation. The already battered Ebola president Koroma economy is broke in an austerity agenda. The case has attracted global attention and democratic nations are distancing themselves from the struggling economy. This week, Sam Sumana is expected to make a triumphant return to his motherland . A Kono resident told me that Sam homecoming would be a Jerusalem entrance.He will register for 2018 elections, and Jubilation is already seen nationwide.

However, an election expert told me that, Sam Sumana’s best chance was to partner with the Alliance Democratic party (ADP). This young political party has gained a speedy momentum in Sierra Leone. Under the leadership of Mr. Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, the party has dismantled APC in the North and West, and with Sam Sumana ticket, the East and South will fall easily in the hands of Kamarainba- Sam Sumana.

He went futher to say that, Charles Margai should dissolved PMDC and become the father of operation for Kamarainba- Sam Sumana state house ticket “Considering the political climate, under all conditions, one should be guided by the theory of decision making where best of the best or best of the worst are the most likeable pay off in a risky environment”. Therefore, a partnership with Kamarainba will be the best decision for the elected vice President. I am confident that Kamarainba as president and Sam Sumana as vice president, the political arrogance over the last 56 years will be over.

According to authoritative source , APC is currently weighing this possibility and the news is emotionally devastating for the party. Let me say, APC is disoriented. The Sierra Leone police is under high alert as pressure mounts from APC operatives to disrupt the peaceful homecoming of the elected vice President. The I.G is warned not to unleash any terror on peaceful citizens.

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