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The APC is a dying elephant that is good at making their perceived political enemies as heroes and heroines. This is not done out of intelligence but out of ignorance and the poor articulation of political issues.

They started with Mohamed Kamirimba, followed by the elected VP Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana and Ali Kabba the opposition flagebearer aspirant; and now Theresa Mbomaya the young female activist.

Through Osman Foday Yansaneh the APC scribe, one of the first Africans to acquire a Bachelors degree in political destruction made Mohamed Kamirimba a political force amassing more support from APC home district of Bombali more than any other district in the country.

Mohamed Kamirimba return home from the US to redeem the APC party and Sierra Leone from the evil claws of EBK.

Osman Foday Yansaneh, the EBK stooge thought he was embarrassing Kamirimba; he made unfounded allegations against Kamirimba, a man who was born and bred in the APC is now a thorn in the flesh of the party causing irreparable damage to the party’s image.

This was followed by the conspiracy against the elected VP the man who resusitated the dying APC now commands almost 80% support among Sierra Leoneans a significant reduction from APC support among the populace.

Yansaneh and his God Father combined violated the constitution using anti party as a reason for their actions. The two known commoners have manipulated the APC party and the national constitution to corrupt our entire body politic. I call them commoners; check their background you will agree why I brand the two as commoners.

The so called APC intelligentsia and a bunch of miscalculated and misfit self-styled legal experts continue to bring disgrace to the presidency of this nation by wrongly advising the president to violate the constitution and the laws of this nation.

This episode of square pegs, buffoons and butterflies trying to fly without wings repeat the same woeful shame in the Ali Kabba divorce case. The bunch of clowns and pretenders were out their portraying their ignorance to the world making Ali another hero.

Today Ali Kabba, a man who had low support among the people when he first arrive is now a household name and a force to reckon with in the political landscape of Sierra Leone.

The buffoons continue to pile shame on the presidency of Sierra Leone, the arrest of the young activist female Theresa Mbomaya, is now a heroine and a household name in Sierra Leone.

The APC political blunder has given birth to another rising star in the person of Theresa Mbomaya for challenging the sudden increase in price and the austerity measures that has wreak havoc on the nation.

Interesting that the APC continue to appoint the wrong people into positions that has drag the party to an oblivion of shame of self-destruction while their perceived political enemies continue to ascend the political ladder.

How many more heroes and heroines the dying APC can make under the desperate administration of EBK. We wait see. Nothing more nothing less but the truth.

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